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Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index
2018 ( 14 (2023))


Shevchenko V.V.
Utilization of the asteroid subject on the Moon a more economic way to obtain cosmic resources of high value

Belyaev M.Yu., Karasev D.V., Matveeva T.V., Rulev D.N.
Progress cargo vehicles in orbital-station programs (dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the worlds irst cargo vehicle space light to an orbital station)

Degtyar V.G.
70th anniversary of the state rocket center named after academician V.P. Makeyev

Chvanov V.K., Sudakov V.S., Levochkin P.S.
Modern liquid-propellant rocket engines made by NPO Energomash named after academician V.P. Glushko. Current status of programs and future prospects (to mark the 110th anniversary of academician V.P. Glushko)

Bezyaev I.V., Stoyko S.F.
A review of projects for manned missions to Mars


Borzykh S.V., Voronin V.V.
Programmatic and procedural approach to simulating landing dynamics of a lunar landing and ascent vehicle

Salosina M.O.
Optimization of multi-layer heat shield of solar probe

Kotlyarov E.Yu., Luzhenkov V.V., Tulin D.V., Basov A..
Thermal control system of the unpressurized instrument compartment for Intergeliozond spacecraft intended for Solar research at close distances


Avershyev A.S., Bobylev S.S., Falin K.A.
The updated veriication procedure of detailed inite element structural models of rocket-space technology for analysis of dynamic loading in light by the example of the Progress MS cargo transport vehicle

Akkuratov I.L., Alyamovskiy A.I., Vinogradov A.S., Gerasimova T.I., Zemtsova E.V., Kirillov S.V., Kopyl N.I., Magzhanov R.M., Senkovskiy A.N., Sokolova S.P., Shcherbakov E.V.
Results of studies into the properties of carbon iber-reinforced plastics based on various polymer binders, viewed as candidates for manufacturing structures for space hardware

Zhikharev D.Yu.
The concept of optimizing electromagnetic shield to protect spacecraft equipment from electromagnetic interference sources in the near zone of radiated field

Markov A.V., Konoshenko V.P., Beglov R.I., Sokolov V.G., Gorbenko A.V.
Main areas and results of work to protect the ISS Russian Segment from meteoroids and space debris

Salnikov N.A., Bobe L.S., Kochetkov A.A., Zheleznyakov A.G., Andreychuk P.O., Shamshina N.A.
Use of membrane equipment for hygiene water processing aboard the space station


Stavitskiy I.B., Ryabtseva A.V., Kaminskaya V.S.
Optimization of electrical discharge machining process for titanium alloy BT14 based on the solution of the heat task of moving the boundary of the phase conversion of material

Denisova V.S.
High-temperature glass-ceramic coatings to protect nickel alloys formed at near-operating temperatures

Avershyeva .V., Bobylev S.S., Mezhin V.S.
Verification experience of spacecraft load-bearing structure and equipment units loading parameters results

Topilskaya S.V., Borodulin D.S., Kornyukhin A.V.
Making a compact gyroscopic angular rate vector meter resistant to mechanical forces

Sinyavskiy V.V., Smerdov A.A.
Dynamic properties of the frame structure for mounting an electrical propulsion thruster onto an orbital transfer vehicle


Kirenkov V.V., Mikitenko V.G., Sirosh A.N.
Determining the actual values of specific impulse for the main engines of the Block DM upper stages as a routine inverse problem

Bideev A.G., Abdulkhalikov R.M., Kuznetsov A.V., Sycheva M.V., Vorobyev A.S., Elizarov Yu.S., Solomkin R.A.
A study of feasibility of deleting compressors for refueling propellant tanks from the Science and Power Module

Akhmedov M.R., Bideev A.G., Makarova E.Yu., Sazonov V.V., Khamits I.I.
Comparative analysis of calculated and experimentally measured output capacity of the orbital space vehicle solar batteries on the example of the Service Module of the International Space Station Russian Segment

rmilov V.., Kazankin F.., Potabachny L.., Emlin R.V., Morozov P..
Investigation of inluence of magnetic ield on thrust of high-voltage nanosecond pulsed plasma thruster

Polous M.A., Yarygin V.I.
Multiphysics software package for 3D calculations of the characteristics for a thermionic fuel element of nuclear power plants for space applications

Akhmedov M.R., Bideev A.G., Sazonov V.V., Khamits I.I.
Experimental research of the temperature effect on the solar arrays output power using telemetry of Progress MS spacecraft


Andrianov D.I., Zakharenkov L.E., Karevskiy A.V., Kiryushin E.N., Oshev Yu.A., Popov A.V., Popov S.., Semenkin .V., Solodukhin .., Terekhov D.N., Shtonda S.Yu.
Special aspects of organizing ground developmental tests of high-power nuclear power generation units for space applications

Belyaev B.I., Belyaev .Yu., Borovikhin P.A., Golubev Yu.V., Lamaka A.., Ryazantsev V.V., Sarmin E.E., Sosenko V..
Automatic positioning system for science hardware in Uragan experiment on the ISS


Voronin V.V., Krutov S.A., Reshetnikov M.N.
Procedure for conducting and simulating drop test modes for reentry vehicle of crew transportation spacecraft

Guzenberg A.S., Zheleznyakov A.G., Telegin A.A., Yurgin A.V.
A study of purification of the ISS Russian segment atmosphere in case of a containment failure in the hardware containing a toxic component


Salmin V.V., Starinova O.L., Chetverikov A.S., Bryukhanov N.A., Khamits I.I., Filippov I.M., Lobykin A.A., Burylov L.S.
Trajectory design analysis of transport operations of an electrically propelled space tug during transfers to geostationary orbit, orbit around the Moon and to libration points in the EarthMoon system

Mezhin V.S., Obukhov V.V.
The development and experimental veriication of solar array in folded coniguration dynamic inite element model with taking into account an air environment

Mikrin .., Mikhailov M.V., Orlovskiy I.V., Rozhkov S.N., Krasnopolskiy I.A.
Satellite navigation of spacecraft in lunar orbit

Sumarokov A.V., Borisenko Yu.N., Borisenko N.Yu., Platonov V.N.
Statistical analysis of accelerated construction of orbital reference frame for manned and cargo transport spacecraft and accuracy increase methods

Mikrin E.A., Belyaev M.Yu., Borovikhin P.A., Karavaev D.Yu.
Determining orbit from Earth and Moon surface pictures taken by cosmonauts


Rasskazov Ya.V., Yaskevich A.V.
Using cylindrical inite elements in the spiral spring tape angular deformation model of docking mechanism damper

Yaskevich A.V.
Contact forces in spacecraft motion equations during docking and berthing

Belonogov O.B.
Techniques for iterative static analysis of a double-oriice electrohydraulic steering actuator of rocket stages

Yaskevich A.V.
Algorithms for contact parameters determination during math simulation of spacecraft docking and berthing


Ivanov A.P., Apanasovich V.V.
Optimizing JPEG2000 image compression algorithm for space-based scanning-type observation systems

Semena N.P.
Nesting of mathematical thermal model of the Russian ACS instrument in the TGO European spacecraft integrated model of the ExoMars mission

Glebov I.V., Kogan I.L.
On the adequacy of the simulation model of functioning carbon dioxide recycling system of habitable space objects

Nikitin A.A.
Implementation of radiation-resistant encoding within the framework of chip-to-chip interconnections in systems consisting of several field-programmable gate arrays

Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index 2017 ( 14 (1619))

Innovative technologies in aerospace activities

Derechin A.G., Zharova L.N., Sinyavskiy V.V., Solntsev V.L., Sorokin I.V.
International cooperation in manned spaceflight. Part 1. Historical background 1(16), 1231

Khamits I.I., Filippov I.M., Burylov L.S., Tenenbaum S.M., Perfilyev A.V., Gusak D.I.
A concept of space transportation and power generating system based on a solar electric propulsion orbital transfer vehicle 1(16), 3240

Derechin A.G., Zharova L.N., Sinyavskiy V.V., Solntsev V.L., Sorokin I.V.
International cooperation in the sphere of manned flights. Part 2. Development and operation of the International Space Station 2(17), 528

Alyamovskiy S.N., Belyaev .Yu., Rulev D.N., Sazonov V.V., Tarasova ..
Spherical satellites: from the dawn of the space age to modern experiments (for the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first Earth satellite) 4(19), 515

Flying vehicles aerodynamics and heat exchange processes

Babakov A.V., Beloshitskiy A.V., Gaydaenko V.I., Dyadkin A.A.
Simulation by flux method of flow in divergent section of adjustable nozzle of braking engine for re-entry vehicle 1(16), 4149

Arkhipov A.B., Bryukhanov N.A., Dementyev V.K., Dyadkin A.A., Komarov V.V., Ponomarev N.B., Ponomarev A.A.
Experimental studies of acoustic effects of propulsive landing system jets on reeentry vehicle of crew transportation spacecraft 2(17), 2940

Ganiev Yu.Kh., Gobyzov O.A., Lozhkin Yu.A., Rabetskiy A.S., Ryabov M.N., Filippov S.E., Shmanenkov V.N.
A study of the supersonic low ield around a lat plate with obstructions using the method of luminescent pressure transducers 2(17), 4148

Dyadkin A.A., Kostyuk V.K., Krylov A.N., Eremin V.V., Kazakov M.N., Mikhalin V.A., Stroilov A.V.
Numerical and experimental determination of aerodynamic behaviour of the abort stack of the launch escape system for the new-generation crew transportation spacecraft 3(18), 614

Dyadkin A.A., Pavlov A.O., Simakova T.V.
Comparative analysis of computational and experimental studies of hydrodynamic loads on a model of a descent vehicle with inactive propulsion system during a splashdown 3(18), 1523

Dyadkin A.A., Kazakov M.I., Mikhaylov M.V., Andreev V.N., Kozlovskiy V.A.
A study of the abort rocket unit plume effects on the aerodynamics of the separation unit 4(19), 1628

Flying vehicles engineering, design and manufacturing

Artemov .L., Dyadchenko V.Yu., Lukyashko .V., Novikov .N., Popovich .., Rudskoy .I., Svechkin V.P., Skoromnov V.I., Smolentsev .., Sokolov B.., Solntsev V.L., Sufiyarov V.S., Shachnev S.Yu.
Development of design and technology solutions for additive manufacturing of prototype inner lining for combustion chamber of multifunctional liquid-propellant rocket engine 1(16), 5062

Mironov V.V., Tolkach M.A.
Models of meteoroid environment in near-Earth space and determination of the meteoroid flux density 2(17), 4962

Anokhin M.V., Galkin V.I., Morozov O.V., Sazonov V.V.
Special aspects of radiation hardness assessment of space micro- and nano-electronics 3(18), 2433

Gukalo A.A., Zolotarev A.M., Magzhanov R.M.
Electronic simulation as a phase of developing design documentation for RSC Energia orbital station modules 4(19), 2935

Flying vehicles strength and thermal environments

Bezmozgiy I.M., Bobylev S.S., Sofinskiy A.N., Chernyagin A.G.
The effect of thrust cut-off of the third stage of the launch vehicle on the loading and strength of the transport cargo vehicle structure 2(17), 6379

Basov A.A., Leksin M.A., Prokhorov Yu.M.
A two-phase loop of thermal control system of science-power module. Numerical simulation of hydraulic characteristics 2(17), 8089

Romanenkov V.A., Kolesnichenko A.F., Martynov M.V., Tarasov V.A., Komkov M.A., Boyarskaya R.V.
Improving physical and mechanical properties of thermal insulation using autoclave molding in inert medium 3(18), 3441

Plotnikov A.D., Korneeva E.Yu., Alekhova T.A., Zagustina N.A.
A study of the effects of biocorrosion damage on mechanical properties of aluminum alloys AMg6 and 1570C in the context of operating conditions on the Russian Segment of the ISS 4(19), 3645

Flying vehicles thermal, electric propulsion engines and power generating systems

Katkov R.E., Kiseleva O.V., Strizhenko P.P., Tupitsyn N.N.
Experimental studies of design options for injector pump/condenser within booster turbopump assembly for liquid oxygen delivery 1(16), 6370

Evdokimov R.A., Sinyavskiy V.V., Skrebkov S.A.
Stochastic estimations of mass characteristics of advanced power and propulsion systems for transport and transport & power-generating spacecraft 1(16), 7181

Gribkov A.S., Popov A.N., Sinyavskiy V.V.
Dual-mode space nuclear power system based on a thermionic conversion reactor and thermoelectrochemical generator 3(18), 4252

Averkov I.S., Demskaya I.A., Katkov R.E., Raznoschikov V.V., Samsonov D.A., Tupitsyn N.N., Yanovskiy L.S.
Analysis of energy performance of composite hydrocarbon fuels for oxygen engines of space rocket stages 4(19), 4651

Ostrovskiy V.G., Sokolov B.A., Shcherbina P.A.
Development and research of iodine storage and supply system for electric thrusters 4(19), 5260

Ground facilities, launching equipment, operation of flying vehicles

Vostrukhin A.A., Golovin D.V., Kozyrev A.S., Litvak M.L., Malakhov A.V., Mitrofanov I.G., Mokrousov M.I., Tomilina T.M., Grebennikov A.S., Laktionova M.M., Bakhtin B.N.
Microphonics in scintillation gamma-spectrometer in vibration environment onboard spacecraft 1(16), 8288

Kaleri A.Yu., Kukin O.N., Serov M.V.
Methodology of cosmonauts flight-testing activities in the course of manned transportation spacecraft development 2(17), 9098

Svechkin V.P., Savelyev A.A., Sokolova S.P., Borozdina O.V.
Thermal control coating K-208CP. Technology, properties and their changes in the operation process under the effect of space factors 2(17), 99107

Sizentsev G.A.
Evaluating the safety of systems for lighting subpolar towns from orbit 3(18), 5359

Boyko N.P., Egorov N.A., Chetkin S.V.
Investigation of vertical distribution of atmospheric parameters to be used in spacecraft landing models 4(19), 6171

Checking and testing flying vehicles and their systems

Belonogov G.V., Vorobyev Yu.., Gukalo .., Magzhanov R.., Sokolova S.P., Tsygankov O.S.
First experience to clean the external surface of the spacecraft window panel 2(17), 108114

Flying vehicles dynamics, trajectory and motion control

Arkhangelskiy N.I., Akimov V.N., Eliseev I.O., Kuvshinova E.Yu.
On the advantages of employing elliptical staging orbits to improve the efficiency of using reusable nuclear space tugs 3(18), 6069

Zykov .V., Subbotin .V.
Mathematical modeling of releasing the tether system from a rotating central body 3(18), 7079

Atroshenkov S.N., Prutko A.A., Krylov A.N., Krylov N.A., Gubaryev F.V.
Simulating forces and torques produced by the incident flow of atmospheric air to verify dynamic modes of the ISS guidance, navigation and control system and optimal control synthesis 4(19), 7288

Machinery and equipment, processes of refrigeration and cryogenic technology, air conditioning and life support systems

Romanov S.Yu., Guzenberg A.S., Ryabkin A.M.
Crew life support system concept for interplanetary missions 3(18), 8097

Glebov I.V., Kogan I.L.
Simulation modeling in designing regenerative life support systems for manned spacecraft 4(19), 8994

Robots, mechatronics and robotic systems

Yaskevich A.V.
A kinematic system of a probecone docking mechanism for future advanced spacecraft 4(19), 95104

Systems analysis, control and data processing

Bogdanov K.A., Timakov S.N.
Synthesis of adaptive algorithm to control motion of the space platform with a rotating solar sail 1(16), 89102

Bogachev A.V., Vorobyeva E.A., Zybov N.E.
Attitude control and momentum management for the spacecraft with inertial actuators on high-elliptical orbit 3(18), 98105

Measuring instruments and techniques

Kuznetsov V.I., Babanin V.I., Pashchina A.S.
Experimental studies of thermionic diode-based gridless high-current modulator for space current conversion systems 1(17), 103113

Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index 2016 ( 14 (1215))

Innovative technologies in aerospace activities

Bideev A.G., Gorbova N.V., Kuzmin V.V., Kaportseva G.N., Lakhin .I., Novikov .L., Polnikov .S., Simonova .V., Skobelev P.., Sycheva M.V., Uspenskaya N.V., Khamits I.I.
Application results of implementation of interactive multi-agent system to generate flight program, cargo traffic and calculate the ISS Russian segment resources 2(13), 513

Kalinkin D.A., Komarov M.V.
Project-oriented training of foreign customer specialists in space technic creation process of RSC Energia 2(13), 1422

Flying vehicles aerodynamics and heat exchange processes

Antipova M.S., Dyadkin A.A., Zapryagaev V.I., Krylov A.N.
Computational simulation of cold supersonic jet exit from conical nozzle using FLOEFD software package 1(12), 511

Aksenov A.A., Dyadkin A.A., Pavlov A.O., Simakova T.V., Skorovarov A.Yu., Shhelyaev A.E.
Computational studies of hydrodynamic impact on re-entry vehicle during splashdown 3(14), 514

Dyadkin A.A., Krylov A.N., Lutsenko A.Yu., Mikhaylova M.K., Nazarova D.K.
Aerodynamics specifics of thin-walled structures 3(14), 1525

Aksenov A.A., Dyadkin A.A., Rybak S.P.
Numerical simulation of shock-wave effects on the return capsule of the manned transport vehicle during the emergency rescue system operation. 4(15), 313

Flying vehicles engineering, design and manufacturing

Mironov V.V., Tolkach M.A.
Ballistic limit equations to optimize the system for spacecraft protection against micrometeoroids and space debris 3(14), 2642

Mezhin V.S., Obukhov V.V.
The comparative analysis of experimental methods of spacecraft structure dynamic finite element models verification 4(15), 1423

Shachnev S.Yu., Paschenko V.A., Makhin I.D., Bazeskin A.V., Dubovitskiy A.D.
Developing technology of friction stir welding of heavy gauge aluminum alloys 1570S, AMg6 for use in RSC Energia advanced designs 4(15), 2430

Flying vehicles strength and thermal environments

Sofinskiy A.N.
System of vibration strength insurance: experience and prospects of development 1(12), 1221

Zemtsova Ye.V.
A study of shear strength of adhesive bonds using heat-resistant glues for bonding a thermal protection coating based on a syntactic composite material at temperatures of 20, 150, 200 C 1(12), 2228

Khamits I.I., Fillipov I.M., Burylov L.S., Medvedev N.G., Chernetsova A.A., Zarubin V.S., Feldshtein V.A., Buslov Y.P., Li A.A., Gorbunov Y.V.
Large transformable structures for advanced manned complexes 2(13), 2333

Sofinskiy A.N.
Impact of structural shape distortion on its load-bearing capability 2(13), 3444

Bezmozgiy I.M., Sofinskiy A.N., Chernyagin A.G.
Mode of deformation and strength of welded shell with tunnel pipe 3(14), 4355

Vodolazhskiy A.V., Kalistratova O.V.
Constructing an unfolding of the external surface of a SOYUZ descent vehicle from digital pictures for post-flight analysis of the thermal protective coating 3(14), 5661

Flying vehicles thermal, electric propulsion engines and power generating systems

Zernov A.S., Nikolaev V.D.
Experience of operating solar arrays on the service module of the International space station 1(12), 2938

Zakharenkov L.E., Semenkin A.V., Solodukhin A.E.
Experimental study of multi-thruster system based on several simultaneously operating electric propulsion thrusters with anode layer 1(12), 3956

Pustovalov A.A., Pankin M.I., Prilepo Yu.P., Rybkin N.N., Sinnyavskiy V.V.
Americium-241-powered space radioisotope thermoelectric generator 1(12), 5763

Arkhangelsky N.I., Akimov V.N., Kuvshinova E.Yu., Sinitsyn A.A.
Selecting parameters of elliptical basing orbit to improve safety of nuclear reusable tugs 2(13), 4554

Arkhangelskiy N.I., Akimov V.N., Kuvshinova E.Yu., Nesterov V.M.
A comparative analysis of technical and economic efficiency of using reusable orbital transfer vehicles with nuclear electrical propulsion system and expendable chemical-propulsion upper stages in transportation operations to deliver payloads into lunar orbit 3(14), 6270

Basov A.A., Okorokova K.S., Stavritskiy A.K.
Thermal control systems of block DM-type upper stages of integrated launch vehicles 3(14), 7179

Sinyavskiy V.V.
Design studies of thermionic lithium-niobium nuclear power generating systems with electric output of 510 MW 4(15), 3142

Ground facilities, launching equipment, operation of flying vehicles

Karasev A.A.
On the automated analysis of the development results of the test software for unmanned spacecraft 2(13), 5561

Borisov M.I., Vladykin S.A., Zhartovsky G.S., Lozhkin D.S., Pakhmutov P.A., Pochekutov D.V., Sumarokov A.V., Fedoseev S.V.
Angular accelerometer for bench microvibration testing of high-precision guidance stabilization system for line-of-sight of science hardware 2(13), 6269

Checking and testing flying vehicles and their systems

Zyablov V.A., Romanov S.Yu., Troynikov V.I., Shcherbakov E.V.
Development, developmental testing and practical application of high-sensitivity tests for total leak rate of pressurized compartments and fluidic subsystems of large space hardware units without the use of vacuum chambers 1(12), 6478

Krivolapova O.Yu., Laletina E.A., Tverdokhlebova E.M.
Procedure for using onboard systems and scientific equipment during space experiment Plasma-ISS to study electrical and physical parameters of the environment in the vicinity of the ISS 1(12), 7989

Belyaev B.I., Belyaev .Yu., Sarmin E.E., Gusev V.F., Desinov L.V., Ivanov V.., Krot Yu.., Martinov .., Ryazantsev V.V., Sosenko V..
Design and flight tests of science hardware Video-spectral system on board the Russian segment of the ISS 2(13), 7079

Kirenkov V.V., Mikitenko V.G., Dosko S.I.
Modal diagnostics of transient processes during evaluation of results of tests on rocket and space hardware 3(14), 8091

Arkhipov A.B., Bryukhanov N.A., Dement`ev V.K., Dyad`kin A.A., Komarov V.V., Ponomarev N.B., Ponomarev A.A.
Experimental studies of performance of a descent propulsion system for a crew transportation spacecraft and gasdynamic effects of the jets impinging on the landing surface 4(15), 4356

Flying vehicles dynamics, trajectory and motion control

Andreyko A.N., Kravets V.G., Kucherov M.A., Luchinskiy V.P.
Portable telemetry information receiving complex for transmission to the mission control center data on the manned transport spacecraft descent. 1(12), 9098

Kichigina O.K.
Optimization of conditions for transfer to frozen sun-synchronous orbit with repeating ground track using low-thrust engines with restrictions on control 2(13), 8089

Shangareev A.T., Timakov S.N., Platonov V.N.
The Kalman filter application to the problems of spacecraft berthing control 4(15), 5766

Ulybyshev Yu.P.
Review of spacecraft trajectory optimization methods using discrete sets of pseudoimpulses 4(15), 6779

Sinitsin A.A.
Trajectory options for a manned mission to Mars using a nuclear-powered electric propulsion system 4(15), 8090

Machinery and equipment, processes of refrigeration and cryogenic technology, air conditioning and life support systems

Glebov I.V., Zheleznyakov A.G., Romanov S.Yu., Ryabkin A.M.
Advanced garment washing system onboard the manned space module 1(12), 99103

Ozerov D.S., Nosovskiy A.M., Mukhamedieva L.N., Tsarkov D.S., Pakhomova A.A., Guzenberg .S., Yurgin .V.
Statistical patterns of contaminants distribution in the atmosphere of manned space stations 1(12), 104112

Systems analysis, control and data processing (by industry sectors)

Brega A.N., Kovalenko A.A.
Command and program control of the mission of the International space station Russian segment 2(13), 90104

Belyaev A.M.
Basic principles of an automated mission planning system architecture for the Russian segment of the ISS 3(14), 9199

Kovtun V.S., Frolov I.V.
Methods of variable analysis and synthesis of the complex process of controlling a system of spacecraft electric propulsion thrusters 4(15), 91111

Measuring instruments and techniques

Bronnikov S.V., Karavaev D.Yu., Rozhkov A.S.
Investigation of geo-tagging technology and capabilites for earth images obtained on human space vehicle using freely movable cameras 2(13), 105115

Starovoytov E.I., Zubov N.E.
Conceptualization of development of onboard laser radar systems for spacecraft 3(14), 100111.

Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index
2015 ( 1-4 (8-11))

Innovative technologies in aerospace activities

Tsygankov .S.
50 Years Of Extravehicular Activity 1(8), 317

Bronnikov S.V.
Developing Requirements For Space Station Crew Training. 1(8), 8187

Ushakov I.B, Bubeev Yu.A., Gushchin V.I., Boritko Ya.S.
Moon Exloration Project: Engineering Psychological And Medical Problems 3(10), 6881

Flying vehicles aerodynamics and heat exchange processes

Aksenov A.A., Dyadkin A.A., Moskalev I.V., Petrov N.K., Simakova T.V.
Launch Procedure Of Microsatellites Using Progress-M Type Cargo Transport VehiclesComputer Simulation Of The Flow And The Relative Motion Of The Reentry Vehicle And The Parachute Compartment Hatch Cover In The Course Of Their Separation During Descent. 2(9), 3951

Babakov A.V., Beloshitsky A.V., Gaydaenko V.I., Dyadkin A.A.
Numerical Simulation And Analysis Of Flow Patterns Near A Reentry Space Vehicle With Firing Rocket Engines In The Vicinity Of The Landing Surface. 4(11), 312

Flying vehicles engineering, design and manufacturing

Markov A.V., Matveeva T.V., Murtazin R.F., Smirnov A.V., Soloviev V.A., Sorokin I.V., Churilo I.V., Khamits I.I.
Launch Procedure Of Microsatellites Using Progress-M Type Cargo Transport Vehicles 2(9), 3951

Kovtun V.S., Korolev B.V., Sinyavskiy V.V.
Space Communication Systems Developed by S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space corporation Energia 2(9), 325

Flying vehicles strength and thermal environments

Vorobiev Yu.A., Magzhanov R.M., Semenov V.I., Ustinov V.V., Feldshtein V.A., Chernyavsky A.G.
The Effect Of High-Velocity Impacts Of Meteoroids And Space Debris On The Strength Of Glass In The Windows Of The International Space Station Modules 1(8), 5366

Bezmozgiy I.M., Sofinskiy A.N., Chernyagin A.G.
Vibration Strength Design For The Node Module Of The Russian Segment Of The International Space Station. 3(10), 1526

Morkovin A.V., Plotnikov .D., Borisenko T.B.
Heat-Carriers For Automatic Space Vehicles And External Contours Of Systems Of Thermoregulation Of Piloted Space Vehicles. 3(10), 89100

Flying vehicles thermal, electric propulsion engines and power generating systems

Solntsev V.L., Radugin I.S., Zadeba V.A.
Basic Requirements For Main Engines Of Advanced Liquid-Propelled Super-Heavy Launch Vehicles. 2(9), 2539

Bideev A.G, Semin A.Yu., Kuznetsov A.V., Akhmedov M.R.
Designing A Power Supply System Of The Science And Power Module For The International Space Station Russian Segment. 2(9), 6475

Vachnadze V.D., Ovechko Filippov E.V., Smolentsev A.A., Sokolov B.A.
Development, Upgrade Phases And Results Of Fifty Years Of Operation Of Our Countrys First Closed-Loop Liquid Rocket Engine. 2(9), 8290

Gavrelyuk O.P., Kirsanov V.G.
Guaranteed Fuel Load For Space Launch Vehicles. 3(10), 100106

Katkov R.E., Lozino-Lozinskaya I.G., Mosolov S.V., Skoromnov V.I., Smolentsev A.A., Sokolov B.A., Strizhenko P.P., Tupitsyn N.N.
Test Program Results Of Multifunctional Liquid Rocket Engine Chambers With Liquid Oxygen Cooling: 2009-2014. 4(11), 1225

Ganzburg M.F., Kropotin S.A., Murashko V.M., Popov A.N., Sevastyanov N.N., Smolentsev A.A., Sokolov A.V., Sokolov B.A., Sukhov Yu.I.
Results of ten years of operation of electric thrusters within two telecommunications spacecraft Yamal-200 in geostationary orbit. 4(11), 2540

Gopanchuk V.V., Potapenko M.Yu.
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Ground facilities, launching equipment, operation of flying vehicles

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Checking and testing flying vehicles and their systems

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An Estimate Of The Effects Of Air Environment On Resonant Frequencies And Damping Factors Of Solar Arrays Of Spacecraft That Are Recorded During Ground Modal Tests. 2(9), 7582

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Solving Inverse Problems In Evaluation Of Tests Of Rocket And Space Hardware Using The Methods Of The Optimal Control Theory. 4(11), 5058

Flying vehicles dynamics, trajectory and motion control

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Using Laser Altimeter As A Backup Measuring Device During Spacecraft Rendezvous In Lunar Orbit. 3(10), 6068

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New Capabilities Of The Autonomous Control System Of Upgraded Soyuz And Progress Spacecraft For Implementing A Quick Rendezvous With The ISS. 4(11), 5868

Machinery and equipment, processes of refrigeration and cryogenic technology, air conditioning and life support systems

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Selecting Life Support System For The Crews Of Long Duration Space Stations. 1(8), 6781

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Measurement of neutron dose and energy spectrum inside the tissue-equivalent spherical phantom and on its surface on the russian segment of the International Space Station using bubble detectors during Matryoshka-R experiment. 2(9), 5164

Systems analysis, control and data processing (by industry sectors)

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Data Measurement System For Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Microaccelerations Onboard The ISS RS. 3(10), 5260

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Measuring Instruments and Techniques

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Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index
2014 (4-7)

Strategy and Prospect for Space Engineering and Technology Development

Brukhanov N.A., Legostaev V.P., Lobykin A.A., Lopota V.A., Sizintsev G.A., Sinyavskiy V.V., Sotnikov B.I., Filippov I.M., Shevchenko V.V.
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Development and fifteen-year operating experience of Sea Launch Rocket and Space System. 2(5), 3-14

Kuznetsov V.D.
Space weather and risks of space activity. 3(6), 3-14

Ballistics, aerodynamics, flight dynamics, strength, space exploration

Alekseev P. A., Ekhlakov I. A., Ovcharenko M.K, Pyshko A.P.
About the opportunity of starting up a reactor by the neutron source provided by the space radiation in orbit.  1(4), 15-22

Dyadkin ..
Aerogasdynamics of Sea Launch Rocket and Space.  2(5), 14-32

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Selection of loading conditions for Zenit-3Sl integrated launch vechicle within Sea Launch Complex  2(5), 32-40

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Role of computer simulation and physical experiment in investigations of space rocket system aerogasdynamics throughout the designing.  3(6), 14-22

Babakov A.V., Beloshitskiy A.V., Gaydaenko V.I., Dyadkin A.A.
Flux method analysis of flow patterns and aerodynamic characteristics during separation of front heat shield from reentry vehicle.  4(7), 3-9

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Aerogasdynamics behavior of the escape system separable nose assembly with operating propulsion system.  4(7), 10-20

Development, utilization and operation of manned spacecraft and complexes

Belyaev B.I., Belyaev M.Yu., Desinov L.V., Rogovets A.V., Ryazantsev V.V., Sarmin E.E., Sosenko V.A.
Flight testing of research equipment Photospectral system on board ISS RS.  1(4), 22-29

Bideev A.G., Karbovnichy V.P., Maiorov I.V., Novikov A.L., Skobelev P.O., Sycheva M.V.
The method of adaptive cargo traffic planning in the interactive multi-agent system for calculating the mission plan, cargo traffic and resources of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.  1(4), 29-39

Belyaev M.Yu., Legostaev V.P., Matveeva T.V., Monakhov M.I., Rulev D.N., Sazonov V.V.
Development of methods of conducting microgravity experiments in free flight of Progress M-20M logistics vehicle.  3(6), 22-33

Antonova N.P., Bryukhanov N.A., Chyotkin S.V.
Landing equipment of the new generation manned transportation spacecraft.  4(7), 21-30

Development and operation of unmanned spacecraft, complexes and systems

Korolev B.V.
Space optical communciations line technology aimed at a more responsive control and prompter delivery of data to the end user during space operations.  1(4), 39-48

Platonov V.N.
About accuracy of an Earth remote sensing spacecraft attitude-keeping without using data from inertial sensors.  3(6), 33-39

Zubov N.E., Savchuk D.V., Starovoytov E.I.
Optimization of the mass and power consumption of laser ranging systems to control the rendezvous and docking spacecraft.  3(6), 39-43

Bezmozgiy I.M., Kazakova O.I., Sofinskiy A.N., Chernyagin A.G.
Perfecting vibration strength properties of an unmanned Earth remote sensing spacecraft.  4(7), 31-40

Launchers, Space Transport Systems, Engines, Propulsion and Power Systems

Boikachev V.N., Gusev Yu.G., Zhasan V.S., Kim V.P., Maptynov M.B., Murashko V.M., Nesterin I.M., Pilnikov A.V., Popov G.A.
On the possibility to develop a 10 to 30 kW electric propulsion system based on dual-mode thruster SPD-140D.  1(4), 48-60

Gurtovoi A.A., Lobov S.D., Rachuk V.S., Shostak A.V.
Work performed by Chemical Automatics Design Bureau to create oxygen-hydrogen liquid rocket engines  1(4), 60-67

Filin V.M.
Zenit-3SL integrated launch vehicle for Sea Launch Program.  2(5), 40-49

Dyadkin .., Kazakov .I., Lebedev V.I.
Development and operation of venting system of ascent unit of Zenit-3SL Sea-based Integrated Launch Vehicle.  2(5), 49-62

Averin I.N., Egorov A.M., Tupitsyn N.N.
Special features of architecture, developmental testing and operation of the propulsion system for the upper stage block DM-SL used in the Sea Launch System and avenues to its further improvement.  2(5), 62-74

Zadeba V.A.
Validating requirements for the reliability of new versions of the block-DM-type upper stages taking into account the results of the operation of prototypes.  3(6), 43-50

Yablochko M.A.
Adaptive algorithms for emergency protection of liquid rocket.  4(7), 42-46

Onboard and Ground Control Complexes and Systems

Starovoitov E.I., Savchuk D.V., Zubov N.E.
Analysis of possibilities, optimization of mass and of power consumption for a laser altimeter controlling the descent of a spacecraft from lunar orbit.  1(4), 67-75

Brovkin A.G., Kravets V.G.
Automatic landing of the unmanned reusable orbiter BURAN.  1(4), 75-86

Kravets V.G.
Specifics of integrated launch vehicle flight monitoring and control under Sea Launch Program.  2(5), 74-87

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Ascent trajectory, upper stage control system and spacecraft injection accuracy under Sea Launch Program. 2(5), 87-93

Belonogov O.B., Popov D.N.
Development and study of a polyharmonic autointegration method for calculating amplitudephase-frequency characteristics of dynamic objects and control systems.  3(6), 50-57

Kovtun V.S., Strochenkin A.V., Frolov V.N.
Choosing optimal survey routes for Earth remote sensing space system.  3(6), 57-64

Savchuk D.V., Starovoitov E.I.
Characteristics of onboard laser ranging systems and corner reflectors to increase the range up to 2 000 km for the rendezvous and docking of space vehicles.  4(7), 47-53

Thermal Control and Life Support Systems. Vital functions of cosmonauts

Basov A.A., Klochkova M.A., Makhin I.D.
On the feasibility of using cold gas dynamic spraying of a heat-conducting powder to provide thermal contact between structural elements.  3(6), 64-71

Materials, manufacturing and processes for rocket and space products

Mezhin V.S., Obukhov V.V.
The practice of using modal tests to verify finite element models of rocket and space hardware  1(4), 86-92

Akkuratov I.L., Alyamovsky A.I., Davydov D.Ya., Zaprudnov D.M., Kopyl N.I., Senkovsky A.N., Chernyavsky A.G.
An attempt to develop and build composite structural elements for an electro-optical module of a spacecraft.  1(4), 92-100

Bezmozgiy I.M., Sofinskiy A.N., Chernyagin A.G.
The simulation in problems of vibration strength of rocket and space Hardware.  3(6), 71-81

Makhin I.D., Nosachev S.N., Usov P.A.
Peculiarities of using automatic pulsed laser welding technology in the manufacturing of sealed device enclosures with radius corners made of laminated composite materials.  4(7), 54-61

Bronz A.V., fremov V.I., Plotnikov A.D., Chernyavsky A.G.
Alloy 1570C material for pressurized structures of advanced reusable vehicles of RSC Energia  4(7), 62-67

Makhin I.D., Nikolaev V.V., Petrovichev P.S.
Study of weld ability of alloys B-1469 and 01570 using electron-beam welding as applied to the advanced manned spacecraft structure.  4(7), 68-75

Space business, economics and management; project and personnel management; information technologies; international activities

Velikoivanenko V.I., Gusakov N.V., Pantenkov D.G., Sokolov V.M.
A simplified algorithm to construct a probabilistic model to evaluate the level of risks involved in innovation projects.  3(6), 81-89

Beskrovnaya I.A., Evdokimov R.A., Kinash P.M., Kovalev I.I., Tugaenko V.U.
The technical and economy evaluation of the nuclear power unit for the manned Moon base.  4(7), 76-88

Kosenko A.B., Sinyavskiy V.V.
The effect of service life of the nuclear power plant of a reusable electrically-propelled orbital transfer vehicle on the cost of transporting a unit of payload mass.  4(7), 89-95

Space Engineering and Technology magazine subject index
2013 (1-3)

Strategy and Prospect for Space Engineering and Technology Development

Legostaev V.P., Lopota V.A., Sinyavsky V.V.
Prospects for and efficiency in application of space nuclear power plants and nuclear electrorocket propulsion systems. 1, 4-16

Legostaev V.P., Markov A.V., Sorokin I.V.
The ISS Russian Segment Utilization: Research Accomplishments and Prospects. 2, 3-19

Radugin I. S.
A project of cost effective system of medium- and heavy-lift launch vehicles to launch elements of the advanced manned transportation system from Vostochny launch site. 3, 3-14

Ballistics, aerodynamics, flight dynamics, strength, space exploration

Verhovtseva T.I., Gavreluk O.P., Zaborsky C.A., Movchan A.A., Panchukov A.A., Ulybyshev Yu.P., Shibaev I.M.
Flight dynamics of sea launch program.  1, 16-26

Belyaev M.Yu., Matveeva T.V., Monahov .I., Rulev D.N., Sazonov V.V., Tsvetkov V.V.
Evaluation of rotational motion of the progress spacecraft using telemetry data on the spacecraft angular rate and the electric current from its solar arrays.  2, 19-33

Belyaev M.Yu., Volkov O.N., Ryabukha S.B.
Microdisturbance on the international space station.  3, 14-25

Development, utilization and operation of manned spacecraft and complexes

Didenko A.F., Pompushko A.Z.
Generalized service life distribution function for instruments and assemblies of orbital stations.  1, 26-32

Development and operation of unmanned spacecraft, complexes and systems

Pantenkov D.G., Gusakov N.V.
Computer modeling the active phased aerial of the lattice  1, 32-38

Starovoitov E.I. Savchuk D.V.
Research and optimization the use corner reflectors for laser location of space objects.  1, 38-44

Kovtun V.S.
Analysis of complex procedure fuel consumption management for Yamal geostationary spacecraft.  2, 33-42

Sinyavsky V.V.
Advanced technology for nuclear electric propulsion orbital transfer vehicle HERCULES.  3, 25-46

Launchers, Space Transport Systems, Engines, Propulsion and Power Systems

Kokushkin V.V., Petrov N.K., Borzykh S.V., Yaskov V.V.
Development and simulation of large space rocket stages separation processes  1, 44-56

Ostrovsky V.G., Smolentsev A.A., Sokolov B.A., Cherashev D. V.
The electric rocket propulsion system based on thrusters with closed drift of electrons.  2, 42-53

Yevdokimov R.A., Fadeev A.S.
Mathematical models of the power and propulsion unit for the transportation and maintenance system supporting satellite constellation deployment and servicing.  2, 53-66

Smolentsev A.A., Sokolov B.A.,Tumanin E.N.
Long-term liquid oxygen storage in the tank of the integrated propulsion system of BURAN orbiter.  3, 46-57

Matrenin V.I., Ovchinnikov A.T., Pospelov B.S., Sokolov B.A., Stikhin A.S.
From power system of BURAN orbiter to power system of space vehicles and stations.  3, 57-66

Onboard and Ground Control Complexes and Systems

Platonov V.N.
Simultaneous control of centre of mass and around centre of mass motion during SC maneuvers performance on geosynchronous and high elliptic orbits using electric rocket engines.  1, 56-66

Vishnekov V.Y., Kravets V.G.
Prospects for using the experience in development and operating of the system for communications with MIR space station and BURAN orbiter on the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.  3, 66-74

Zubov N.Y., Lapin A.V., Mikrin Y.A.
Stabilization of spacecraft orbital attitude  3, 74-82

Thermal Control and Life Support Systems. Vital functions of cosmonauts

Guzenberg A.S., Romanov S.Yu., Telegin A.A., Yurgin A.V.
Development of the International Standard on Life Support Systems for Spaceflight.  1, 66-79

Dyadkin A.A., Simakova T.V.
Selecting devices for supplying thermostating air into the payload fairing of launch vehicles.  2, 66-72

Materials, manufacturing and processes for rocket and space products

Morkovin A.V., Plotnikov A.D., Borisenko T.B.
Heat-carriers for internal contours of thermal control systems of piloted space vehicles.  1, 79-87

Space business, economics and management; project and personnel management; information technologies; international activities

Kosenko A.B., Sinyavskiy V.V.
Technical and economic efficiency of employing a reusable space tug based on a nuclear electric propulsion system to support intensive cargo traffic for lunar exploration.  2, 72-84


Sizentsev G.A.
A space system to address energy and climate problems on Earth.  3, 82-95