The rules for submittal, review and publication of scientific papers

Rules of review

  • Manuscript of each paper passes through preliminary examination by experts in order to establish:

    • whether the material is a scientific paper or an engineering science paper;
    • whether the paper is original (not published earlier or partially published), whether the results were obtained by the author or borrowed, whether there are proper references to literature;
    • relevance, preliminarily the novelty and/or practical value of the work;
    • consistency with the subject matter of the magazine and compliance with these Rules.

    Based on results of the preliminary examination by experts, a preliminary opinion is sent to the responsible author as to whether the paper can be submitted to the editorial board or it needs to be revised.

    Editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief may make a decision to send the manuscript of the paper to the reviewers directly.

  • The registered paper is sent for a blind peer review (the author is not told the name of the reviewer) to two reviewers of the magazine. If the paper is presented by a member of the editorial board, the paper is sent to one reviewer.

    The review is expected to cover the following items:

    • whether the contents of the paper reflect the subject identified in the title of the paper;
    • to what degree the paper reflects the state of the art in science, engineering and technology;
    • whether the paper contains a scientific novelty and/or has practical value;
    • whether the paper can be easily understood by its target audience, from the standpoint of language, style, presentation of materials, clearness of tables, diagrams, figures, etc.;
    • whether it is advisable to publish the article taking into account the literature on the subject that was published earlier;
    • what are specific merits and demerits of the paper, what revisions and updates need to be made by the author;
    • an opinion on the possibility of publishing the paper in the magazine: accept for publication, accept for publication with revisions or reject.

    The reviews are certified following the procedure established at the reviewers place of employment.

    The original copies of the reviews are kept in the publishers archive for five years.

  • Rules of publication

    1. If the reviewer gives a favorable opinion with critical comments, the authors must revise the paper in accordance with the reviewers comments, after which they are to submit to the editorial board the revised version with response to the review signed by the authors (by the responsible author) stating the date. In this case, the date when the revised version of the paper is registered is taken to be the date of the paper submittal to editorial board.
      The authors may disagree with the reviewer and provide a reasoned rationale of inadvisability of full or partial revision. If the reviewer disagrees, the editorial board presidium can send the paper to other reviewer or agree with the opinion of the authors and accept the paper for publication.
      In case of two negative reviews the paper cannot be published in this magazine.
    2. The revised and formatted text of the paper for the dummy layout of the magazine issue (page proofs of the paper) in electronic format is e-mailed or sent by some other means to the author (the responsible author). The author shall, within 5 working days, e-mail to the editorial board his/her proposals on correcting errors. Within the above timeframe, the author can make corrections in the proof personally at the editorial office.
      If the author has no suggestions, he/she must notify about this the editorial board.
      If the editorial board receives no suggestions within the five working days, the proof is considered as approved and the authors take responsibility for possible errors. No suggestions are accepted after the above period of time.
    3. All the papers published in the Space Engineering and Technology magazine are available to the public on the web site of S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia).
    4. Users registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) of the Scientific Electronic Library have access to full texts of the papers in the magazine, as well as information about the publishing activities of an author published in the magazine, including the total number of papers in RSCI, Russian citation index (Hirsch-index), the number of references to each article of the author and information about publications containing references to the authors paper.

    You may consult with the editorial board about preparation of materials for submittal
    by phone: 8(495) 513-87-46 or e-mail: ktt@rsce.ru.