The bus module together with the unified propulsion module meets all the payload requirements, is of multi-purpose design and provides ample functional redundancy

On-board systems include all the systems needed to support the operation and monitoring of the payload equipment and the spacecraft as a whole:

  • power
  • command RF-link
  • telemetry
  • propulsion
  • navigation and motion control
  • thermal control

Its core consists of the on-board computer system which ties all the systems into a single on-board computer system.

The design of the bus module allows to install various types of solar array panels

Basic design option
(two wings of four panels each) for SC put into their GEO slot using a direct flight profile.

Increased power design option
(two wings with an increased number of panels in each wing - up to 6 - 12) for the SC that are put into their GEO slot using flight profile with orbit raising by means of the on-board electrical propulsion system




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