The Lunar Orbiter contained a cosmonaut's pressurized cabin, a compartment accommodating attitude control engines and a passive docking mechanism, an instrumentation compartment, a lunar descent module, and rocket stage E. The Lunar Orbiter was powered from chemical storage batteries installed on a frame on the descent module exterior and in the instrumentation compartment. A control system was based on the onboard computer and was provided with manual controllers enabling a cosmonaut to choose independently a landing site relying on his visual observation through a window. The lunar landing module was of an unconventional four-leg design containing honeycomb absorbers of residual vertical landing velocity.

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1. Lunar descent module
2. Rocket stage E
3. Cosmonaut cabin
4. Life Support System equipment
5. Device for observation at landing
6. Attitude control engines
7. Thermal Control System radiator
8. Docking mechanism
9. Targeting sensor
10. Alignment sensors
11. Instrumentation compartment
12. TV camera
13. Omni-directional antennas
14. Power sources
15. Support stand with damper
16. Strut with damper
17. Landing radio radar
18. Strap-on instrumentation compartment
19. Low-gain antennas
20. Rendezvous system antennas
21. TV antennas
22. Post-force engine
23. Main engine
24. Reflector
25. Backup engine

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