Launch vehicle Energia being developed as a part of the Energia-Buran Reusable Space System is a versatile, heavy-lift launch vehicle capable to deliver large payloads up to 100 t attached to the exterior to orbits and near-Earth space.
Mass of payloads delivered to:

  • low orbits of artificial Earth satellite - up to 100 t
  • the geostationary orbit - up to 20 t
  • the lunar mission trajectory - up to 32 t.

LV Energia ensures all-azimuth launches, however, orbits of 51, 65 and 97 inclinations are taken as reference orbits defined by areas in which stage I depleted boosters are falling.

1206 organizations and 100 ministries and agencies participated in the Energia-Buran Space System development. Famous scientific and production centers of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, and other republics of the USSR were involved in this developmental work.






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