The LV Energia autonomous control system based on the onboard computer system ensures a high accuracy of PL launching to a prescribed area and great capabilities to recover from contingency situations including a failure of one engine of LV. A high degree of automation allowed to consider many potential contingencies, as recovery procedures reside in programs. In other words, 500 contingency situations were transformed to contingency situations incorporated in the design. In the most critical contingencies, the automatics brings and keeps the LV in a safety state till a proper solution is made.
With a payload including elements to be jettisoned in the ascent phase the control system command their jettison meeting the requirements for falling of separable elements in a specified area. Separation of the strap-on boosters, upon fuel depletion in one of them, is commanded from the control system using solid propellant jets.
A fire/explosion detection system serves to enhance safety of operations performed at the launch site and to warn against the LV in-flight explosion when accidental leakage of oxygen and hydrogen from the core stage occurs. The LV engines emergency protection system monitors parameters of engines in the process of their ignition and operation and allows to shutdown an accidental engine before its shutdown. Under certain conditions an opposite engine functioning normally is also shut down. All this prevents from an accident propagation aboard the LV and allows to continue a controlled flight.







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