Rocket R1
On April 14 1948 the Government Decree has been enacted on the development of the first rocket to be made of domestic materials and derived from missile A-4 (FAU-2). The rocket was designated as R-1 including its ground support equipment.

Rocket R-5
Work on a new rocket further designated as R-5 was a continuation of theoretical design and experimental work on a far-range ballistic rocket of improved performance. The rocket design has been completed by October 1951.

Rocket R-5M
The first strategic rocket R-5M was derived from rocket R-5 in accordance with the Decree of April 19, 1954 to carry a nuclear warhead to a range of 1200 km. This work was initiated late in 1953.

Rocket R-11
Rocket R-11 has been designed under the Government Decree of February 13, 1953. The rocket was equipped with a liquid-propellant rocket engine using nitric acid (oxidizer) and kerosene (fuel) and pressurized propellant delivery lines. The engine was designed at the Design Office headed by A. M. Isaev.

Rocket R-11A
Based on rocket R-11, geophysical rocket R-11A has been designed and launched on the Novaya Zemlya (New Land) under the International Geophysics Year program in 1958.

Rocket R-11FM
It was decided to introduce far-range ballistic rockets in the capacity of the navy armament starting from a diesel submarine. The Chief Designer was N. N. Isanin. It was necessary to redesign the selected submarine to accommodate the R-11 family rocket modified at OKB-1 for this purpose. The rocket was designated as R-11FM and became the first operations rocket adapted for launching from submarines.

Rocket R-7
The Government Decree of February 13, 1953 obliged to work out a preliminary design of a two-stage ballistic rocket 170 t in mass with a separable warhead 3000 kg in mass capable to be launched to a range of 8000 km. In October 1953, the design assignment was changed: a fire charge mass was increased to 3000 kg (a total mass of the rocket warhead - to 5500 kg) with a flight range remained unchanged, i. e. the design had to be modified radically.

Rocket R-9
Following from the achievements gained by the beginning of 1958 in developing more cost saving engines and warheads of lower mass carrying nuclear charges, the Board of Chief Designers forwarded a proposal to the USSR Government to develop new intercontinental rocket R-9 burning oxygen-kerosene propellant and having a launch mass of 100 t.

Rocket RT-2P
In 1959 the Government Decree enacted OKB-1 to initiate work on the development of ballistic rockets using solid propellant RT-1 with a warhead flight range of 2 500 km, a launch mass of up to 35 t, and a combat charge mass of 500 kg.







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