The following results were achieved in the course of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia's launch vehicle development efforts:

  • The first launch of A-4 rocket assembled on the basis of components and assemblies of German rocket V-2;
  • Missiles systems with ballistic missiles R-1, R-2, R-9, RT-1, RT-2, RT-2P (RT-1, -2 are solid-propellant rockets) were developed and subsequently put into service;
  • Strategic missile R5 and tactical missile R-11 were developed;
  • The latter was modified for launches from submarines and was indexed as R-11FM;
  • Two-stage intercontinental ballistic missiles R-7 and R-9, three-stage Vostok launch vehicle (consisting of R-7 and upper stage Block E as a third stage) for missions to the Moon, and four-stage Molniya launch vehicle for launching payloads to Venus and Mars (consisting of R-7 and upper stages Block I and Block L) were developed;
  • A considerable amount of experience was accumulated during development under the lunar program of the multi-stage multi-purpose launch vehicle N1;
  • A unique rocket and space system Energia-Buran was developed;
  • Multi-purpose standardized upper stages Block D and Block DM were developed as stage IV for Proton launch vehicle, and Block DM-SL was developed as stage III of integrated launch vehicle Zenit-3SL;
  • Based on the developed elements a number of advanced launch vehicle projects was developed, new rocket and space systems (Avrora, etc.) are under development;
  • Emergency crew rescue system installed on Soyuz launch vehicle was developed and proved its efficiency.







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