Yuri Gagarin


There is a museum at Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. The museum has room for the display hall (1300 m2), the Labour Glory hall and the Memorial room devoted to S.P. Korolev (250 m2).
The display hall shows the history of developing the national rocket and space technology: from the pioneer home-made long-range ballistic missiles to the Energia launch vehicle and the Sea Launch Rocket and Space Complex, from the pioneer artificial earth satellites to all modifications of manned and transport space vehicles.

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Visitors may touch the descent module flown by the world's first cosmonaut, Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin, see with their own eyes the Voskhod-2 multi-man spacecraft, from which Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov pioneered in performing space walk; full-scale mockup of the Soyuz-Apollo first international orbital complex: full-scale mockup of the Salyut orbital station and many other things.
The Labour Glory hall shows the enterprise history made by those who contributed a lot to its growth and development: the photographs, many of which are unique; documents, awards; memorable souvenirs and so on.
The Memorial room devoted to S.P. Korolev reconstructs the interior of the scientist and designer work study. Here you can find his personal belongings, a lot of photographs and documents which are today of significant historical value.

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Attached to the Museum is the souvenir stand selling souvenirs and books of the Corporation: watch 'Vostok' with the RSC Energia symbols devoted to the 40th anniversary of the first manned space flight; metal desk pennants to commemorate space flights; the badges, the pennants made on fabric devoted to international space flights and historic dates; the emblems-stickers depicting space symbols.

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    Conditions for visiting the museum:
  • Children must be above 14 years old;
  • An admission fee is charged. The visit to the museum must be arranged in advance. Tours are conducted for groups of visitors of 20 to 60 persons (or at least 10 persons for foreign nationals). If the group of visitors is smaller than 20 persons (or 10 for foreign nationals), the admission fee is charged as if the group were complete.
    Visiting hours:
  • Monday through Thursday: 9:00 - 16:00;
  • Friday and days before national holidays: 9:00 - 15:00.
    Making arrangements for a tour:
  • One month before the visit, the date and time of the visit must be agreed with our staff by calling phone number (495) 513-89-95;
  • Fill out an application form and fax it to (495) 513-86-20;
  • Call (495) 513-89-95 to make sure the application form has been received;
  • Two days before the visit, finalize the time of the tour.





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