The Corporation staff which made a breakthrough of the mankind into space
realistic devotes this presentation to the 40th Anniversary
of the First Manned Flight performed by Yuri Gagarin




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Yuri Gagarin with his fellow students at industrial college
1951-1955. Saratov Industrial College. When Gagarin graduated, it was only six years before his spaceflight, and only two years before the launch of the Earth's first artificial satellite ("Sputnik").
Gagarin with his fellow pilot trainees at Saratov flying club with a YaK-18 airplane in the background
1954. That year the decision was made to develop the first Soviet long-range intercontinental ballistic missile R-7. This rocket, developed under direction of S.P.Korolev by the Special Design Bureau No.1 (today this organization is known as S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia) would make Gagarin known all over the world.
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Parachute-jumping training
1960. Yu.A.Gagarin began his training
as a member of the first Soviet cosmonaut corps.
Vostok spacecraft being prepared for Yu.A.Gagarin's flight at the manufacturing facility of the
Special Design Bureau No.1

March 1961
Yu.A.Gagarin tries
on the first space suit

1960. Preparations to launch a manned Vostok spacecraft are well under way
in the Soviet Union.
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Yu.A. Gagarin undergoes
a thorough medical examination

1960. Since nobody knew what was in store for the first man in space, the requirements to the health of a cosmonaut were extremely high.
Yu.A.Gagarin before getting
on board Vostok spacecraft

April 12, 1961. Baikonur launch site.
The Mankind's first obit
in space lies just ahead.
Chief Designer
of rocket and space systems,
academician S.P.Korolev talks with
would-be cosmonauts Yu.Gagarin,
P.Popovich, V.Bykovsky,
and A.Nikolaev

1960. S.P.Korolev always won people over with his single-mindedness and indomitable faith in the need to pursue
the manned exploration of space.
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Yu.Gagarin, his back-up G.Titov
and members of the first cosmonaut corps

April 12, 1961. Baikonur launch site.
Cosmonauts on their way to the first manned launch into space.
S.P.Korolev at the command post
in the Baikonur launching facility control bunker

April 12, 1961.
9 hours 06 minutes 59.7 seconds.
Have a good flight!
S.P.Korolev and Yu.A.Gagarin
at the launch pad

April 12, 1961. Baikonur launch site.
In a few hours, people all over
the world would come to know
the name of Yuri Gagarin.







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