December 30, 2009. S.P.Korolev RSC Energia,
Korolev, Moscow region

S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation Energia hosted the Managerial Board enlarged meeting, at which the Corporation President, General Designer V.A. Lopota summed up the Corporation activities in 2009 and set objectives for the next year.

Corporation completely implemented the assigned annual plan of activities, including the tough work schedule under the International Space Station Program with a two-fold increase in the number of the launched manned space vehicles Soyuz TMA, the launch of a new Russian Research Module Poisk (MRM2) and assured manufacture, testing and prelaunch processing of the next Russian Research Module Rassvet (MRM1) in 2010. Flight tests of a new series space vehicles Progress M were in progress; preparations were made for flight tests of a new series manned space vehicle Soyuz TMA in 2010. Upper Stages DM manufactured at the enterprise launched successfully spacecraft serving different purposes into target near-earth orbits, including three spacecraft under the GLONASS Program.

Next year, the Corporation is planning to increase somewhat volumes and intensity of its activities. It is scheduled to perform launches of four space vehicles Soyuz TMA, six space vehicles Progress to the ISS; to complete putting into operation of Module Poisk; to integrate Module Rassvet into the ISS; to provide integration of the 2nd European cargo vehicle ATV with the Russian Segment of the station; to undertake activities on the development of multipurpose laboratory module. The Corporation will continue to launch Upper Stages DM for spacecraft orbital insertion under state and commercial programs. Works will be actively pursued to develop spacecraft serving different purposes and adapt launch vehicles for them in the interests of both Russian and foreign customers.

As for a new-generation space transportation system, Preliminary Design Phase will be completed. Other advanced design-exploratory development activities devoted to automatic and manned systems, launch vehicles for them will be in progress, including development of the corresponding ground space infrastructure.

The Corporation President, General Designer also reported on the activities undertaken in 2009, which had to do with social, housing and medical support of the enterprise employees and veterans of work; the next year objectives set noting that the results of the plan fulfilled were positive and expressing confidence that the abovementioned forthcoming objectives would be met.

V.A. Lopota stated that in order to attain the objectives set, the Corporation, its subsidiaries and branches employees and workers would have to make maximum efforts, work selflessly and with a great responsibility, establish clear cooperation with the partners.

In conclusion of his speech, he congratulated those present and all employees of the Corporation on the coming New Year, wished them good health, new creative successes and a keen interest in their work.






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