Dear employees and workers of the Corporation, colleagues,
veteran workers and partners!

The Corporation team celebrates the New Year's Eve with dignity having implemented the scheduled program in full scope, despite all the problems and complexities the Corporation faced in 2009. Fifteen launches of spacecraft within the framework of the state and commercial programs have been performed. Preparations are currently underway to create new-generation rocket-space technology prototypes. Negotiations are being conducted for the enterprise participation in ambitious projects (including international projects), in which the Corporation is supposed to become the Prime Contractor. All this provides background for a steady operation of our entity, maintaining its image as one of the world's leading companies in the field of rocket-space technology and manned cosmonautics.

Tough work schedule (nearly two-fold increase as compared with the past years) has been met at the International Space Station (ISS). Four launches of manned space vehicles Soyuz TMA and five launches of cargo space vehicles Progress M have been performed . Among them there were two cargo space vehicles of new series. Three manned space vehicles Soyuz TMA have completed their flights: their descent vehicles returned to Earth the crews of the three ISS Main Expeditions and two Visiting Expeditions. Mini-Research Module Poisk was added to the station and started operation. Mini-Research Module Rassvet was manufactured and delivered to the USA for prelaunch processing for Shuttle Orbiter. Its launch is slated to be performed in May next year. Works were carried out to manufacture manned and cargo space vehicles for launches in the years to come. Works to deliver the Russian systems for the second European cargo vehicle ATV were provided, with the launch of the 2nd ATV slated for the end of 2010.

Activities on implementing the concluded contracts for the development of unmanned spacecraft and precontract work on an increased Corporation presence in the Russian and international space markets for the development of automated space systems continue to return to normal.

DM-type Upper Stages were manufactured and delivered to Customers under the state and international programs. They verified their high flight performance during the six launches completed.

As for the ambitious projects, preliminary design of a new manned space vehicle is in progress. The Corporation together with Rocket-Space Center TsSKB-Progress and Rocket Center after the academician V.P. Makeev takes part in preliminary design of a middle-class launch vehicle with an increased load-carrying capacity.

More emphasis is paced upon design studies on manned space complexes to fly to the Solar system heavenly bodies; inter-orbit transfer vehicle running on nuclear-jet propulsion system to solve the problems in near-earth and deep space; other advanced space systems.

What we have to do in the next year:

  • under the ISS Program to perform launches of four Soyuz and six Progress space vehicles, including a new series Soyuz TMA space vehicle. To deploy activities on the development of multi-purpose laboratory module to make it part of the ISS in 2012;
  • as to new-generation unmanned spacecraft, to continue works under critically important state and commercial orders;
  • as for launch vehicles, to perform four launches using DM Upper Stages for injection of spacecraft into near-earth orbits under the state and international programs.

Activities will proceed according to other directions of the enterprise operation, including manufacture of socially significant products, development of ecosafe power plants.

Successful implementation of the programs of the year coming to an end and confidence in solving future problems are based upon close creative collaboration with the teams of PDB, ZEM and Corporation branches. Our optimism and confidence in successful development of the Corporation in 2010 are based upon comprehensive strengthening and developing of links with the partners; an efficient use of a broad experience of each employee and his (her) responsible attitude to work being performed; implementing the established program of manufacturing capabilities modernization and expansion.

Dear colleagues, the Corporation veteran workers and partners,
We appreciate sincerely your contribution to the Corporation performance. As a result, the Corporation copes successfully with the problems related to the challenging space programs and celebrates the New Year with certainty.

Happy 2010 New Year to You! We wish You new happiness and new successes, good health and cheerful mood! All the best to You, your families and relatives!


S.P.Korolev RSC Energia management





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