Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov

Management and team of S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia offer their condolences to the team of GNPRKTs "TsSKB - Progress", the relatives and near relations in connection with the decease of the distinguished man of science and technology in the RF Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov, the honorary General Designer of GNPRKTs "TsSKB-Progress", twice Hero of Socialist Labour, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Laureate of Lenin Prize, two USSR State Prizes and RF State Prize; the Honoured Worker of the USSR Industry.
From the very first days of the war D.I. Kozlov joined the People's Volunteer Corps of Leningrad, took an active part in the battles at Leningrad and Volkhovsky fronts till September 1944 when he had been demobilized after being wounded for the third time.
In 1946 he was included in the team of specialists, which studied the captured hardware and technical documentation on missile A-4 in Germany. On his return from Germany, D.I. Kozlov worked in department No 3 of SKB at NII-88 headed by S.P. Korolev. From 1951 to 1958 he had been the leading designer of OKB-1 (now RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev) on ballistic missile R-5 and intercontinental ballistic missile R-7.
In 1958 D.I. Kozlov was appointed Deputy Chief Designer of OKB-1 and assigned to the city of Kuibyshey to work as the responsible representative of the Chief Designer S.P. Korolev being in charge of missile R-7 series production at State Aviation Plant No 1. Space machine-building formation and development in the city of Kuibyshey (now Samara) is inexorably associated with the name of Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov. In 1959, with the aim to provide design support of the factory manufacturing process, a special design bureau was set up, which had changed in a year to branch No3 of OKB-1. In 1974, the branch was transformed into an independent enterprise-Central Specialized Design Bureau (TsSKB), whose head and Chief Designer became D.I. Kozlov. In 1996 he was appointed General Director - General Designer of the State Scientific - Production Rocket and Space Center "TsSKB-Progress" based upon the TsSKB and Progress plant.
Dmitriy Ilyich Kozlov was an outstanding manager: no more than 305 days had passed from his first appearance in Kuibyshey till the date, on which the first two rockets R-7 were sent to Baikonur! Under his direction for more than 40 years, specialists of GNPRKTs "TsSKB-Progress" cooperating with enterprises from different industries had succeeded in the development and putting into operation of 8 types of launch vehicles and 26 different purpose rocket and space complexes.
D.I. Kozlov made a great contribution to an international science, as evidenced by more than 150 his published scientific works and inventions devoted to designing of unmanned space complexes and systems. Associate of S.P. Korolev, one of the leaders in the development of rocket and space technology, Dmitry Ilyich Kozlov was elected as the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the member of International Academy of Astronautics; Academy of Cosmonautics after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the Russian Federation Academy of Technical Sciences. He is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. He was awarded two Hammer and Sickle Medals, four Orders of Lenin; Orders of the October Revolution; Orders of the Red Star; Orders of the Patriotic War First Class and other orders and medals. D.I. Kozlov is the honorary citizen of Samara Region, the city of Samara and the city of Tikhoretsk.
For the Corporation employees Dmitry Ilyich Kozlov has always been a devoted follower of S.P. Korolev's scientific school and will be for ever engraved on our memory as a brilliant, outstanding personality, prominent scientist and manager, the developer of rocket and space technology who contributed a lot to space research and cognition of the Universe mysteries, strengthening of the national defense potential.

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