December 25, 2008 Baikonur branch office of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia -
Baikonur launch site

A Proton-M launch vehicle with upper stage Block DM carrying three GLONASS-M spacecraft (SC) was launched from the Baikonur launch site at 13:43 Moscow Time.
The objective of the launch was to add satellites to the Russian global navigation satellite system GLONASS.
In accordance with the mission plan, the upper stage Block DM, operating within the upper composite with a stack of three spacecraft, successfully delivered these spacecraft into their target Earth orbit from a low Earth orbit, where this upper stage had been delivered by the launch vehicle.
After two successive burns of the upper stage main engine that were flawless, the satellites separated and started their free flight at 17:15 Moscow Time.
The upper stage processing at the launch site had been conducted under the technical direction of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia. The upper stage launch and monitoring of its operation were supported by the Corporation specialists.

 For information:

Upper stages of Block DM type developed and manufactured by S.P.Korolev RSC Energia were designed for transporting spacecraft from low-Earth orbits to high-energy orbits, including GEO, as well as for spacecraft injection into trajectories that would take them to the Moon and planets of our solar system. They use environmentally friendly propellant components (liquid oxygen and kerosene). They have accumulated many years of flight history that proves their high performance capabilities.




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