August 21-23, 2007, S.P.Korolev RSC Energia, Korolev – MAKS-2007, Zhukovsky, Moscow region

S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia – a world’s leader in manned space flight – is actively participating in the 8th International Aerospace Show (MAKS-2007), inaugurated on August 21 of this year.
The Corporation exhibit at Booth 11, Pavilion F, which displays mockups and actual hardware of manned and unmanned space systems, launch vehicles and their actual structural elements, generated business interest among Russian and foreign participants and visitors to the show.
The history of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia, which is inextricably linked with all the world’s space science, its current activities and future projects are presented to the exhibit visitors by the leading specialists and members of the Corporation cosmonaut team. Two plasma displays show documentary footage shot during missions to the Mir space station and the international Space Station (ISS). The visitors are fascinated by views of Earth from space, exciting moments of docking, crew activities on-board the space station and in open space.
Special attention is drawn by a full-scale mockup of the first Earth artificial satellite, which was launched 50 years ago, marking the beginning of Space Age in the history of the Earth’s civilization. Among other things that get close attention are a full-scale mockup of the Earth Remote Sensing (ERS) spacecraft, models of spacecraft developed on the basis of a common multi-purpose satellite bus to address the tasks of communications, ERS and other. The visitors are also interested in the Corporation activities on-board ISS, particularly in the outlook for the further development of its Russian portion, and Soyuz and Progress missions conducted under the Russian program of space experiments and studies.
In the course of the world-level aerospace forum, on August 22, a news conference was held by the Federal Space Agency with participation of the head of the Agency A.N.Perminov and his deputy Yu.N.Nosenko, RSC Energia President and Designer General V.A.Lopota, RNII KP General Director and General Designer Yu.M.Urlichich, and the press secretary of the head of Roskosmos A.A.Vorobiev.
Taking place at the forum are business meetings and negotiations between the managers and leading specialists of the S.P.Korolev RSC Energia and managers and representatives of the leading foreign space agencies, Russian and foreign companies and partner organizations, on the current and future work in the field of development, operation and use of rocket and space technology. The Corporation managers hold an open dialogue with the press, representatives of the leading TV companies and information agencies, explaining the objectives of the current and future space projects of RSC Energia within the framework of the global concept of Roskosmos.
Young specialists of the Corporation, in the aerospace show specialized section dedicated to the university science and creative work of young people in the field of aviation technology display their designs and examples of the actually working space hardware.
The Corporation management focuses on the opportunity that MAKS-2007 provides to get potential customers of new projects and their contractors acquainted with activities and achievements of RSC Energia. It also provides a good opportunity for the personnel of its Prime Design Bureau and Experimental Machine-building Plant to study the current state of the art achieved by companies and organizations in aviation and space industry of Russia and other countries.




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