The management and team of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia after S.P. Korolev express their heartfelt condolences to the team of the RAS GNTs "Institute for Biomedical Problems", the relatives and friends on the death of Oleg Grigoryevich Gazenko, the RAS academician, USSR State Prize winner and RF Government Prize winner, Lieutenaut-General of Medical Service.
O.G. Gazenko was one of the founders of a new line of research activity known as space biology and medicine, as well as the initiator of space and ground experimental studies, which had laid down the foundations of the current theory of space biology, physiology and medicine. Those studies enabled to assess peculiarities of space flight factor impact on human beings, develop and implement a package of actions to support medical service of human space flights.
Under his direct lead and with his immediate participation, the national space biology and medicine had taken the leading position in world cosmonautics. The world's first space flight of Yu.A. Gagarin and the following flights of increasing duration had been performed with his assistance. Current absolute world records of space stay continuous duration are 437 days, with a total space stay duration of 803 days, have not been surpassed by any country worldwide so far.
For many years Oleg Georgiyevich had been the President of the Physiological Society at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the national cosmonautics representative to the United Nations Organization, the co-chairman of the Space Biology and Medicine Work Team within the framework of the Russian-American cooperation. O.G. Gazenko contributed a lot to world science and popularization of the national cosmonautics achievements as evidenced by over 250 scientific works written by him, including monographs, instructor's manuals, reference books, as well as by the fact that he had been the editor-in-chief and the editorial board member of many scientific and popular-science journals.
Oleg Georgiyevich Gazenko as the recognized leader in space biology and medicine was elected as the member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a number of International Academies. He had been awarded the USSR State Prize, the RF Government Prize and a great number of international prizes. He had received a lot of state and international awards.
Oleg Georgiyevich Gazenko will be engraved on our memory for ever as an outstanding personality, prominent scientist and sponsor of scientific activity; one of the founders of space biology and medicine who has contributed a lot to space explorations and cognition of the world mysteries.

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