About the termination of Space Station MIR mission

March 23, 2001 Korolev, Moscow region

Today, at 9 hours Moscow time, the program of space station MIR was brought to an end with the finest degree of precision. This was a program unparalleled in its richness of scientific research, development and introduction of science-intensive technologies.
All the final operations of the closing phase of the space station mission were performed at the same level of the highest professionalism and a most delicate workmanship as the rest of its 15-year program had been.
The first two adjusting burns formed a pre-descent orbit before performing the third and final breaking burn to assure its descent in the specified area of the Pacific. Both maneuvers were carried out with the highest degree of accuracy - after they were completed, the altitude of the pre-descent orbit at the apogee differed from the target by only 3 km, and at the perigee, which was especially important for the final burn, it was exactly as planned.
This permitted to leave unchanged the de-orbiting data files stored in the on-board computer system, as well as the programs for the operation of the on-board systems for the third burn.
At 8:07:36, Reaction Control System Jets (RCS Jets) and Orbital Maneuvering Engine (OME) were fired on Progress M1-5 logistics vehicle. After OME shutdown, RSC Jets burned until they used up all the propellant, thus increasing the reliability of the space station splashdown in the specified area of the ocean.
MIR space station has completed the final phase of its mission in the same trustworthy manner, which characterized its entire life in orbit.
There can be no doubt that construction and operation of space station MIR, a truly unique engineering structure in space and the first international space station built and flown at the turn of a new century, were a decisive influence on the evolution of manned space flight in the 20th century paving the way for a steady manned exploration of space in the 21st century.
S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation management and staff, looking back with great pride and genuine sadness on the 25 years which comprised the work on the MIR project from its inception to its termination, wish to express their gratitude to all their team-mates, to the contractors and international partners for their cooperation, friendly support and their single-minded desire to jointly explore space for the benefit of the humankind and the civilization of planet Earth.
We wish you all good health, many years of creative work, mutual understanding and joint successes in the implementation of the future space projects, which will enable the humankind to preserve life on planet Earth.
Once again, we extend our best thanks and deep gratitude to all those who took part in the implementation of this pivotal and unique project and to all those who cared about the fate of MIR space station.





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