Factor name Value
Mass of spacecraft injected into, kg
  • geostationary orbit
  • geo-transfer orbit
    (Íperigee = 4100 km, Íapogee= 35786 km, i=23.2°,
    shortage of velocity to GEO - 1500 m/s)
  • mid-circular
    (Ícir = 10000 km, i = 51.4 deg.)

up to 1600
up to 3600

up to 4830
Maximum rate, number of launches per year
up to 7
Time from the contract conclusion with SC Customer to the launch performed, months
12 - 18
Time for ILV processing and launch, days (with one-shift operation)
Time of ILV prepared launch (from the time of ILV roll-out of the assembly & testing facilities), days
up to 3
Time of prelaunch after the launch cancellation of ILV filled, days
not less than in 3
Duration of the unloaded Integrated Launch Vehicle staying on LD, days
Duration of the launch timeline, hr
Continuity of AU thermostatting since ILV roll-out of the assembly & testing facilities prior to launch or before the ILV return to the assembly & testing facilities (in case of launch cancellation)
Probability of prelaunch processing and launch at the given time (interval)
not less than 0.97
Probability of failure-free operation of ILV during SC injection
not less than 0,96
Maximum reserve of the propellant components and compressed gases
for 2 launches
Periodicity of maintenance
once a year
Clean room for SC (AU) preparation and their mating with LV
(63° EL and 46°N. Lat.)


Accuracy of SC Injection (3 s ) into Typical Orbits

Block DM-SLB provides injection into the given orbit with high accuracy.

Parameter name Orbit
Circular 1) GTO 2) GEO
  Orbit altitude, km
  Perigee altitude, km
  Apogee altitude, km
  Inclination, deg
  Longitude of the ascending node, deg
  Argument of perigee, deg
  Period of revolution, s
  1) ) Ícir= 10000 êì, i=51,4°;
  2) Ía= 4000 êì, Íp= 35786 km, i=23°




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