January 26, 1999 Agreement between the Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and USA Governments on defence against the unauthorized dissemination of technologies relatived to the USA spacecraft launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome by Russia.
November 1999 Joint Russian-Ukrainian enterprise "International Space Services" for the Land Launch program implementation was founded by Russian Rocket & Space Corporation Energia, Center of the Ground-Space Infrastructure Object Operation, Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building the Urals Mining and Metallurgical Company, Ukrainian SDO Yuzhnoye and Production Association Yuzhmash.
December 19, 2001 The Sea Launch Company President D. Maser appealed to Rosaviakosmos for the advance project development under the Land Launch program with its submission at the working group meeting in summer 2002.
July 2002 Issue of the advance project under the Land Launch Program.
July 26, 2002

Based on the resolution of the Sea Launch Company Board of Directors Members about the Land Launch Project development Rosaviakosmos, RSC Energia, SDO Yuzhnoye, PO Yuzhnoye, KBTM, TsENKI, OOO International Space Services signed an Agreement on the Land Launch Project Implementation principles.

August 21-23, 2002 Meeting of SDO Yuzhnioye, RSC Energia, KBTM and NPO AP on the issue of stimulation of urgent activities in support of the Zenit-M SRC conceptual design. Start of the development activities under the Land Launch Program.
December 19, 2002 Contract to render space services between the International Space Services, Ltd. company and Sea Launch LLC.
The Sea Launch Company is responsible for: marketing activity in the Land Launch interests; conclusion of contracts with the launch Customer and OOO SIS to render launch services; work with the launch Customer to receive the requirements and initial data required for SC analytical integration and submission of deliverables to the Customer to fulfill the launch services requirements; Planning of meetings for technical problems, telecons and reviews.
December 2002 Conceptual design phase was completed.
January 2003 Rosaviakosmos Scientific-Technical Council was held at which the results of the conceptual design phase were summed up. CD materials were approved.
March 5, 2003 General Director of the Russian Air Space Agency Yu.N. Koptev approved Top Level Specification for Development Activity "Zenit Space Rocket Complex (Zenit-M SRC) Modernization".
August 21-26, 2003 Meeting of Rosaviakosmos, OOO SIS, SDO Yuzhnoye, RSC Energia, Sea Launch Company, Sea Launch Company, KBTM, NPO after S.A. Lavochkin and PO YuMZ specialists at Dnepropetrovsk for preliminary review of a conceptual design under the Land Launch Program. The meeting made proposals on CD materials supplementing and updating and scheduled a date of final conceptual design review (CDR).
December 2003 Final conceptual design review (CDR).
December 23, 2003 Decision of the Russian Federation Government 773 On Conducting Operations for the Zenit Space Rocket Complex Modernization at the Baikonur Cosmodrome was issued.
2004 Working group for the mission integration within the Land Launch Program was formed.
April 2005 RSC Energia issued Supplement to Block DM-SLB conceptual design.
October 12-14, 2005 First meeting of the working group for the mission integration within the Land Launch Program (LLMIWG) in Long Beach (USA) to review generic mission design document (MDD).
December 1, 2005 Three-lateral agreement between OOO International Space Services, SDO Yuzhnoye and RSC Energia was signed to perform operations for analytical integration, mission analysis and Land Launch Program control in support of the spacecraft launch.
May 28-31, 2007 Conceptual design review (CDR) for the Amos- SC integration with the Zenit-M Space Rocket Complex was done in Yehud (Israel).
December 5, 2007 TsENKI, OOO SIS and Sea Launch did the certification acceptance of Block DM-SLB 1TL.





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