December 4, 2009. S.P. Korolev RSC Energia,
Korolev, Moscow Region

S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia held a session of the Council of Chief Designers chaired by the Corporation President and General Designer V.A. Lopota.

Heard during the session were the following reports:

  • about the status of Soyuz TMA-17 manned transportation spacecraft readiness for launch and the ISS readiness status;
  • about Soyuz-FG launch vehicle (LV) flight readiness for the launch of Soyuz TMA-17;
  • about the readiness of the launch pad for the launch of the integrated launch vehicle carrying Soyuz TMA-17;
  • about the results of Expedition ISS-20/21 and the mission program for the next period;
  • on the state of readiness of the Lead Operations Control Team (LOCT) and mission support assets for carrying out the program of the next Expedition ISS-22/23, final report on the technical readiness of Expedition ISS-22/23 crew and on-board documentation for completion of the flight under the Expedition program;
  • on the state of readiness of the Mini Research Module 1 for upcoming flight tests;
  • about the status of the ISS US segment, the readiness of Space Shuttles for the next phase of the flight under ISS program;
  • about the readiness of the ground control equipment and infrastructure for upcoming operations with Soyuz TMA-17 and ISS ;
  • about the readiness of the means of search and rescue for performing work in support of Soyuz TMA-17 launch;
  • about the readiness of the ISS-22/23 crew for carrying out their mission on-board ISS;
  • about the health status of the crews of ISS-22/23, ISS-21/22;
  • about compliance of Soyuz TMA-17 with the technical documentation of the General Designer.

Also heard were supplementary reports, announcements and findings from chief designers and responsible representatives of organizations and companies participating in the implementation of the ISS program. These included final reports on the readiness of Soyuz TMA-17 systems and structure, of the components of the integrated launch vehicle Soyuz-FG/Soyuz TMA-17 and all of the ISS equipment for the upcoming phase of the mission.

It was stated that there were no obstacles to continuing the work under the ISS program.

The Council of Chief Designers made the decision to approve the S.P.Korolev RSC Energia proposal for the plan of the upcoming final operations to prepare Soyuz TMA-17 for launch. Also approved were the plan for preparing and conducting flight tests of the MRM1 module and the Corporation's proposals for the ISS-22/23 Expedition program.

Taking part in the proceedings of the Council of Chief Designers were heads and representatives of Roscosmos, space agencies from abroad (NASA, ESA, JAXA), subdivisions of RSC Energia, organizations and companies of the Russian space industry.

 For reference:

  1. S.P. Korolev RSC Energia is the prime Russian company engaged in development and operation of the ISS Russian Segment, its integration into the space station and its transportation/logistics support using Soyuz/Progress-type spacecraft.
  2. The launch of Soyuz TMA-17 is scheduled for December 21, 2009.






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