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Roman Yurievich ROMANENKO

ISS Flight Engineer,
Soyuz TMA TSC Commander,
Lieutenant-Colonel, Russian Federation Air Forces,
Test Cosmonaut of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Russia

August 9, 1971, Schelkovo, Moscow Region, RSFSR (Russia).
Farther: Yuri Vikrtorovich Romanenko, born in 1944, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut pilot of the USSR, reserve colonel.
Mother: Alevtina Ivanovna Romanenko (Frolova), born in 1950, a music school teacher.

From 1986 to 1988 he was a pupil of Suvorov Military School in Leningrad.
In 1992 he graduated from Chernigov Higher Military Pilot School after the Leninist Young Communist League with specialization: Command Tactical Fighter Aviation.

Wife: Yulia Leonidovna Pomanenko (Danilovskaya), born in 1971, an accountant economist.
Son: Maxim Romanovich Romanenko, born in 1994.
Daughter: Anastasia Romanovna Romanenko, born in 2003.

The Combat Heroism Russian Federation Armed Forces Medal of II degrees, the Service Medal of II and III degrees.

HOBBY: underwater hunting, tennis, volley-ball, driving, tourism, yacht, music

From July 30, 1988 to August 29, 1992 he was a student of Chernigov Higher Military Pilot School (HMPS).
Since August 29, 1992 he was the laboratory engineer (the data processing) of the control and recording equipment division.
From November 20, 1992 to the enlistment in the cosmonaut corps. he was an assistant vehicle commander of the air squadron detachment of special assignment separate test training aviation regiment after V.S. Seregin, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (NII 1). He was qualified as the 3-rd class military pilot.
On July 28, 1997 he was recommended for enlistment in the Cosmonaut Training Center cosmonaut corps by decision of the State Interdepartmental Committee.
On December 26, 1997 he was enlisted in the Cosmonaut Training Center cosmonaut corps as a candidate for test cosmonauts by Order of the Russian Federation Defence Ministry.
From January 1998 to November 1999 he passed a course of general space training and on December 1, 1999 he became qualified as a test cosmonaut by decision of the Interdepartmental Qualification Committee.
Since January 2000 he passed training for a space flight within the cosmonaut group under the ISS program.
From April 2002 to January 2003 he passed training within the ISS-9 backup crew as the ISS flight engineer and the Soyuz TMA TSC commander for launch by Shuttle.
From February 2003 to February 2005 he passed training within the ISS-11 backup crew as the ISS flight engineer for launch by Shuttle.
On January 23-25, 2006 he as the preliminary crew commander, together with Mikhail Kornienko and Garrett Reisman (USA) participated in a two day test for survival in the desolate territory in case of the descent vehicle emergency landing. The test was conducted in the forest near Moscow.
In May 2006 by decision of Roscosmos, CTC and RSC Energia he was preliminarily assigned as the TSC commander and ISS flight engineer to the ISS-15 backup crew, together with Mikhail Kornienko and Garrett Reisman (USA).
At a period of May 26 - June 2, 2006 in Sevastopol (the Ukraine) he passed training within the preliminary crew together with Mikhail Kornienko and Daisuke Enomoto (Japan) in operations in case of the descent vehicle off-nominal water landing.
In early June 2006 Roscosmos and NASA finally composed the crews of Expedition-15 to the ISS (ISS-15). Roman Romanenko, Mikhail Kornienko and Gregory Chamitoff (USA) were included in the backup crew.
In July 2008 Romanenko was assigned to the prime crew of Expedition 20 to the ISS (ISS-20) as commander of the Soyuz TMA-15 spacecraft the launch of which should be provided in May 2009. On September 21, 2008 this assignment was confirmed in the plan of flights to the ISS which was published by Roscosmos press-service. On November 21, 2008 his assignment was officially confirmed by NASA when declaring the ISS-20 - ISS-26 crewmembers.

April 2009
By the data presented by Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center,
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