April 3, 2008, Baikonur launch site, branch office of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia

In the assembly/test building primary (Sergey Volkov (Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Russia), Oleg Kononenko (S.P.Korolev RSC Energia, Russia), So Yeon Yi (South Korea)) and backup (Maksim Suraev (Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Russia), Oleg Skripochka (S.P.Korolev RSC Energia, Russia), San Ko (South Korea)) crews of the Soyuz TMA-12 transportation spacecraft made a check inspection of the spacecraft in the launch configuration and got acquainted with equipment to be delivered and returned to the ground, as well as inspected Progress M-64 cargo vehicle which will be launched to the ISS in May 2008.




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