November 7, 2006. Korolev, Moscow Region.

Training sessions under the crew training program for the International Space Station Expedition 15 (ISS-15) and 12 visiting crew (VC-12) were held at one of the ZEM workshops of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia.
The Expedition crewmembers Fedor Yurchikhin (RSC Energia) and Oleg Kotov (GCTC RGNII) and their backups Mikhail Kornienko and Roman Romanenko, as well as spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi, US citizen, visited the habitation compartment and descent module of the vehicle. F. Yurchikhin and Ch. Simonyi evaluated their future worksites being seated in the vehicle seats and suited in Sokol-KB2 spacesuits.
In addition, the crews became familiar with the equipment to be mounted in Soyuz vehicle after docking to the ISS.






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