May 31, 2007  S.P.Korolev RSC Energia – MCC-M,
Korolev, Moscow Region

The Russian cosmonauts, ISS-15 expedition crewmembers Fyodor Yurchikhin (commander, Korolev RSC Energia test-cosmonaut), Oleg Kotov (flight engineer, Gagarin TsPK RGNII test cosmonaut (Cosmonaut Training Center)) conducted the first spacewalk over the station surface planned in the flight program.
The operations were performed under Korolev RSC Energia specialists’ control.
As a result of the extravehicular activity (EVA) they mounted additional anti-debris panels (ADP) to protect the body of the Zvezda Service Module of the ISS Russian Segment (RS) from meteoroid debris and routed a high-frequency cable needed to ensure the RS equipment operation.
The crew working in the Russian Orlan M spacesuits egressed into the outer space from the ISS RS Pirs docking compartment-module. The egress hatch of the module was opened on May 30 at 23:05 Moscow time.
The crew successfully fulfilled all EVA tasks and returned to the station at 4:30 Moscow time. A total duration of the activity in the outer space was 5:25 hours.
ISS-15 crew flight engineer-2 NASA astronaut Sunita Williams staying on board ISS monitored the spacewalk timeline execution, the status of station systems.




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