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Peggy Annette WHITSON

ISS Commander
Flight Engineer of the Soyuz-TMA TSC
NASA Astronaut, USA

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: February 9, 1960, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, but considers Beaconsfield his hometown, Iowa.

EDUCATION: In 1981 received a bachelor of science degree in biology/chemistry from Iowa Wesleyan College and in 1985 she received a doctorate in biochemistry from Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Husband - Clarence F. Sams, Ph. D.

AWARDS AND RANKS: NASA Space Flight Medal (2002), Award for working in a team for the Mir-Shuttle Program (1996); American Astronautical Society Randol Ph Lovelace II Award (1995), NASA Space Act Board Award (1995, 1998); NASA Silver Snoopy Award (1995); NASA Exceptional Service Medal (1995, 2003); NASA Certificate of Commendation (1994); NASA Sustained Superior Performance Award (1990); Krug Inernational Merit Award (1989). NASA – JSC National Research Council Resident Research Associate (1986-1988); Robert A.Welch Predoctoral Fellowship (1982-1985), Summa Cum Laude from Iowa Wesleyan College (1981); President’s Honor Roll (1978-81); Orange van Calhoun Scholarship (1980); State of Iowa Scholar (1979); Academic Excellence Award (1978).

HOBBY: Weight lifting, biking, basketball and water skiing.

WORK EXPERIENCE: From 1981 to 1985 she conducted her graduate work in biochemistry at Rice University, Houston, Texas. Following completion of her graduate work she continued at Rice University till October 1986. Then she began her studies at NASA Johnson Space Center as a National Research Council Resident Research Associate.  In 1988-1989 Whitson served as the Supervisor for the Biochemistry Research Group at KRUG International, a medical sciences contractor at NASA-JSC.
In 1989-1993 P.Whitson was already NASA staff member and worked as a Research Biochemist in the Biomedical Operations and Research Branch at NASA-JSC. 
From April, 1988 to September, 1989, she headed research team in biochemistry in the KRUG company, subcontractor of NASA.
In 1991-1993 she served as Technical Monitor of the Biochemistry Research Laboratories in the Biomedical Operations and Research Branch.
In 1991-1992 she was the Payload Element Developer for Bone Cell Research Experiment (E 10) aboard SL-J (STS-47), and was a member of the US-USSR Joint Working Group in Space Medicine and Biology.
In 1992 she was assigned as the Project Scientist of the Mir-Shuttle Program (STS-60, STS-63, STS-71, Mir 18, Mir 19) and served in this capacity until the conclusion of the Phase 1A Program in 1995.
In 1993-1996 she held the additional responsibilities of the Deputy Division Chief of the Medical Sciences Division at JSC.
In 1995-1996 she served as Co-Chair of the U.S.- Russian Mission Science Working Group. Concurrently in 1991-1997 she was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas. In 1997 she was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Rice University in the Maybee Laboratory for Biochemical and Genetic Engineering.
In April 1996 she was selected as NASA astronaut candidate.
In 1996-1998 she passed a course of general space training and was qualified as a flight specialist. Then she performed technical duties in NASA Astronaut Office Operations Planning Branch. In 1998-1999 she also served as the lead for the Crew Test Support Team in Russia.
In July 1999 she was assigned to the backup ISS-3 crew and ISS-5 prime crew.
In September 2000 – July 2001 Whitson passed training within ISS-3 backup crew together with V. Korzun and S. Treschev.
On June 5 – December 7, 2002 Whitson performed her first space flight under
Expedition-5 (ISS-5) Program as Flight Engineer-1 and Scientist of the International Space Station, Flight Engineer-2 of the Soyuz TM/TMA transport spacecraft, flight specialist of the Endeavour Orbiter (STS-11) (STS-111) during the flight to the ISS and STS-113 flight specialist during the return. During the flight the ISS-5 crew received two shuttles under STS-112 and STS-113 programs, which delivered the S1 and P1/truss truss segments, received and unloaded the Progress M46 and Progress M1-9 cargo vehicles, received the Russian Visiting Crew-4 onboard the Soyuz TMA-1 spacecraft. The scientific research under the Russian and U.S. programs were continued. The Station was handed over to the Expedition – 6 crew. During the flight P. Whitson performed one EVA of the duration of 4 hr 23 min. The flight duration was 184 days 22 hr 14 min.
From November 2003 to March 2005 she was Deputy Chief of NASA Astronaut Office. From May 2005 to November 2005 she served as Chief of the Station Operations Branch, Astronaut Office.
Whitson is currently training for a space flight as backup Commander for Expedition-14 (ISS-14).

March 2002.
Based on materials from Lindon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA, USA.







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