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Mikhail Vladislavovich TYURIN

ISS Flight Engineer,
Soyuz TMA TSC Commander,
of S.P. Korolev Rocket&Space Corporation Energia, Russia

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: March 2, 1960, Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation.
Father: Vladislav Nikolaevich Tyurin, born in 1936, a pensioner.
Mother: Alevtina Fedorovna Tyurina, born in 1937, a pensioner.

EDUCATION: In 1984 he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, Flight Vehicles Production faculty, speciality: mechanical engineer.

Wife: Tatyana Anatolievna Tyurina (Borzykina), born in 1960, an obstetrician of the maternity hospital.
Daughter: Alexandra born in 1982.

AWARDS AND RANKS: Hero of the Russian Federation (2003), pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation (2003). Decorated with the Gold Star Medal of the Hero of the Russian Federation and the Distinguished Service Medal, NASA.

HOBBY: Sailing yachting, mountain skis.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Since 1984 he worked at RSC Energia as engineer, senior engineer, leading engineer. The main directions of professional activities are the procedure verification of the Soyuz transport spacecraft crew actions. He participated repeatedly in tests and research activities related to the study of different aspects of cosmonaut activities and perfection of their operational procedures and training both as a tester and the experiment investigator.
He is a post-graduate student. The personal scientific research is directed to the issues being at the interface of psychological and technical problems of spacecraft motion manual control.
In 1994 he was enlisted in RSC Energia cosmonaut team.
From 1994 to 1997 he passed general space training and trained in the team at Yu. A. Gagarin CTC.
On April 25, 1996 upon passing tests a qualification of a testcosmonaut was conferred on him by decision of the Interdepartmental Qualification Committee.
From May 1996 to July 1997 he passed training in the cosmonaut team under the Mir Orbital Complex program.
On July 28, 1997 by decision of the State Interdepartmental Committee he was appointed as flight engineer for Expedition 1 backup crew on ISS and Expedition 3 prime crew on ISS.
From July 1997 to October 2000 he passed training for a space flight as ISS-1 backup crew flight engineer and from November 2000 to August 2001 he passed training as ISS-3 prime crew flight engineer.
He performed the First Space Flight from August 10 to December 17, 2001 under the ISS-3 program as the ISS flight engineer, Soyuz TM spacecraft flight engineer-1, mission-5 specialist of Discovery (STS-105) in the phase of flight to ISS and Endeavour (STS-108) in the return phase. During the flight the ISS-3 crew received Russian Docking Compartment Pirs and introduced it into the ISS Complex, received and unloaded the Progress M-45 and Progress M1-7 cargo vehicles, received Russian visiting crew-2 on the Soyuz TM-33 spacecraft and also Shuttle with Cargo Module Raffaello. The scientific studies under the Russian and U.S. programs were continued. The Station was handed over to Expedition-4 crew. In flight M. Tyurin performed 3 EVAs of the total duration of 13 hours 35 minutes. The flight duration was 128 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes, 56 seconds.
In December 2003 he was appointed as Expedition-11 (ISS-11) backup crew commander.
On April 15, 2005 at launch of Russian transport manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-6 he was a back-up of S. K. Krikalev, spacecraft commander.
Since August 2005 he began training in ISS-12 backup crew together with Jeffrey Williams and Sergei Kostenko as the ISS flight engineer and Soyuz TMA TSC commander instead of Russian cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin who was kept out of training and removed from the crew by medical indications.

September 2005
Based on materials from Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
and Handbook 'Soviet and Russian Cosmonauts. 1960-2000'.







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