October 27, 2005. StarCity, Moscow Region.

The Star City situated near Moscow hosted the solemn event devoted to meeting with the crew of the 11th Expedition to the International Space Station (ISS-11): Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and NASA astronaut John Phillips, as well as Gregory Olsen, US citizen, another participant of this space flight, who had returned with them to Earth and worked on the ISS under the 9th Visiting Crew (VC-9) Program.
The event started from the traditional ceremony after return back to Earth, namely, putting wreaths by S. Krikalev, John Phillips and G. Olsen on the monument to Yu. A. Gagarin, the first world’s cosmonaut.
Subsequently, at the solemn meeting held at the assembly hall of the Star City’s Cosmonauts’ House the following top officials spoke: RSC Energia’s President, General Designer in charge of manned space complexes and Technical Manager of flight tests N. N. Sevastiyanov; Head of Roskosmos Manned Space Programs Management A. B. Krasnov; Director of Human Spaceflight Programs, NASA Moscow Office, James Newman; Director of European Space Agency Moscow Office in Russia Alain Fournier-Sicre and others.
The speakers emphasized a high level of training of the crews, which made it possible for them to accomplish the Mission Programs of Expeditions ISS-11 and VC-9 with a high professional skill; congratulated them on a safe return to Earth, wished them success in implementing their further creative plans and gave them gifts and souvenirs as a keepsake.
In closing the meeting S. Krikalev, John Phillips and G. Olsen told about their work in orbit and thanked all officially for the mission support and special attention paid to their activity.
The meeting was attended by the managers and leading specialists from RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev, RGNII CTC after Yu. A. Gagarin, other Russian organizations and entities of rocket-space industry, public organizations; representatives from Russian and foreign mass media, relatives and friends of S. Krikalev, J. Phillips and G. Olsen.

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