March 15, 2005. Korolev Moscow region.

On March 2-3 next practice training within the plan of the International Space Station expedition 11 (ISS-11) crew preparation was performed at S.P. Korolev RSC Energia.
Under the direction of Corporation specialists Russian cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev and Mikhail Tyurin (RSC Energia test-cosmonauts) and their US colleagues John Phillips and Daniel Tani (NASA astronauts) worked through operation techniques with flight video and photographic apparatus, as well as performed training in operations required to implement space experiments Matreshka and RadioSkaff aboard the ISS.
Activities on the Russian-European Matreshka experiment are underway once Alexander Kaleri and Michael Foale have installed an analog of a human body in spacesuit on the Zvezda service module surface during extravehicular activity on February 27, 2004, under the ISS-8 expedition program.
The RadioSkaff experiment performance is scheduled within the ISS-11 expedition program. During crew EVA the Russian Orlan-M spacesuit, which spent its life and into which the crew will install appropriate equipment while being aboard the ISS, should be launched from the station to free flight in a near-earth orbit. It is expected that the spacesuit-satellite will send voice messages in several languages in amateur band every 2 minutes for no less than two months, as well as Earth or space images taken by the WEB-camera installed by the crew. The action is timed to the 175 anniversary of the N. E. Bauman Moscow State Engineering University and the 75 anniversary of the S. Ordzhonikidze Moscow Aviation Institute students of which participate in the support of the experiment.

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At the Corporation too, on March 4, scheduled practice training sessions under the program of the ISS visiting expedition 8 (VE-8) preparation were performed. RSC Energia specialists familiarized astronaut Roberto Vittori from European Space Agency and astronaut Robert Thirsk from the Canadian Space Agency with video and photographic apparatus and amateur radio communication equipment, instructed them in operation techniques with this equipment.

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