05/04/2003 Korolev, Moscow region
The crew of Expedition Six to the International Space Station - NASA astronauts Kenneth Bowersox (Commander), Donald Pettit (Flight Engineer) and Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin (Flight Engineer, test cosmonaut of RSC Energia) - returned to Earth in the Descent Vehicle of Soyuz TMA-1 spacecraft upon completion of a 161-day mission plan.

02/04/2003 Korolev, Moscow Area
The Russian cargo vehicle Progress M-47 launched from the Cosmodrome Baikonur on 2nd of February, 2003 docked today to the International Space Station (ISS) after the 2 days autonomous flight on the near-earth orbit.
The vehicle approached to the free longitudinal docking port of the Service Module Zvezda of ISS. The berth touch occurred at 17:49 in Moscow time. The approach of vehicle with the ISS Orbital Complex, its fly-about and docking were made in automatic mode. On the final phase of vehicle/Station docking during vehicle's fly-about and berthing they were within the zone of vision of the Russian Ground Measurement Stations.

02/02/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Progress M-47Transport cargo vehicle Progress M-47 is launched into the low earth orbit.
The launch was performed in accordance with the Russian party responsibilities under the International Space Station Project and its Flight Program.
Launch goal - delivery of cargoes required to support functioning of the orbit system and provide living and operational conditions for the crew.

01/31/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Progress M-47 on the launch padPrelaunch processing activities to launch Progress M-47 cargo vehicle to the International Space Station are in progress at Baikonur cosmodrome.
At 5:00 a.m. Moscow time launch vehicle with the Progress M-47 spacecraft was transferred from Assembly and Testing Facility to launch site. The Soyuz-U - Progress M-47 system was erected on the launcher.

01/30/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
In the LV processing facility, the orbital module was integrated with the launch vehicle. A meeting of the State Board and the Technical Management was held where a decision was made to roll out the launch vehicle carrying the Progress M-47 to the launch pad.

01/29/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Orbital module of a Soyuz launch vehicle, containing the Progress M-47 cargo vehicle was delivered from the spacecraft processing facility to the launch vehicle processing facility for integration.

01/28/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Designers inspection of the Progress M-47 spacecraft was performed.
Payload shroud roll on to the Progress M-47 spacecraft was completed.

01/27/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Fuelled Progress M-47 was delivered to the Spacecraft Assembly and Testing Facility for final processing operations.

01/26/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
Progress M-47 filling was completed.

01/25/2003 Baikonur cosmodrome
A meeting of the Technical Management was held which made a decision to proceed with Progress M-47 filling.

05/30/2002 Korolev, Moscow region
S.P.Korolev RSC Energia hosted one more of the regular training sessions for the main and backup crews of the sixth Expedition to the International Space Station (ISS-6).
In the course of the session, K.Bowersox, D.Thomas and N.Budarin (main crew), as well as M.Fincke, D.Pettit and S.Sharipov (backup crew) were practicing, under the guidance of Corporation specialists, techniques of working with the maintenance and repair equipment of the ISS Russian Segment.

05/28/2002 Korolev, Moscow region
The training of crews for the sixth Expedition to the International Space Station (ISS-6) continues.
S.P.Korolev RSC Energia hosted training session for the crews. The main crew - K.Bowersox (commander), D.Thomas (flight engineer) and N.Budarin (flight engineer and pilot), as well as members of the backup crew - D.Pettit (flight engineer) and S.Sharipov (flight engineer and pilot) acquainted themselves with video and photographic equipment included into the on-board equipment of the ISS Russian Segment, and had training sessions in inter-computer data exchanges via on-board communications systems.






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