ISS-66 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Anton Shkaplerov

Flight engineers:
Petr Dubrov
Tom Marshburn
Mark Vande Hei
Raja Chari
Kayla Barron
Matthias Maurer



A prize for experiments onboard Progress spacecraft

December 20, 2021

Winner of prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation in science and technology for young scientists became employees of RSC Energia. Deputy head of department head of a section T.V. Matveeva (research supervisor of a team of authors), lead engineer D.M.Ayukaeva, deputy head of Directorate for Manned Space Complexes projects D.N. Guriev, 1st category engineer-mathematician A.S.Oleinik. The prestigious government prize was awarded to them for developing the technology of conducting experimental studies using cargo transportation spacecraft Progress.

Presentation of awards to research supervisors of the teams of authors too place at the Russian Federation Government House. Prime Minister M.V.Mishustin congratulated the winners on winning the prize and earning the honorable titles of laureates.

Progress spacecraft are a unique platform for conducting experiments in space, tells us about the prize-winning work the research supervisor of the team of authors Tatiana Vladimirovna Matveeva. First of all, it is possible to create certain conditions onboard the cargo transportation spacecraft that are necessary for the experiment, which it is impossible to provide onboard the ISS. Secondly, in those cases where Progress has not used up its entire life in orbit and there is still some propellant margin, the spacecraft may stay in free flight after undocking from the ISS for a long period of time (about a month). Running experiments with its use also offers great economic advantages. Thirdly, since logistics vehicles fly regularly, one could run a series of experiments. Tried out onboard Progress vehicles are various technologies, operational profiles, hardware which will later be used for manned spacecraft and can also be used in unmanned spacecraft for various applications. The work addresses technologies both of the already completed experiments (Plasma-Progress, Radar-Progress, Otrazheniye, Izgiv, etc.), and of the future experiments in microgravity studies (using Dakon-P hardware within the framework of space experiment Izgib), studies of the upper atmosphere (experiment Izgiv with Kosmichesky Tral hardware and a tether system onboard CTS Progress), with the launch from a CTS a large satellite carrying Icarus hardware, ERS experiments, etc. Based on the results of this work the authors published more than 100 scientific papers and received 17 patents.

The prize awarded to the specialists of the corporation, was established in 2004 with the aim of developing the scientific potential of the Russian Federation and encouraging creative activity of young scientists. It is awarded annually, and its monetary part amounts to one million rubles.




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