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XXII Scientific and Technical Conference opened at RSC Energia

November 8, 2021

Today, on November 8, the XXII Scientific and Technical Conference of Scientists and Specialists dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yu.A. Gagarin’s flight, the 75th anniversary of the rocket and space industry and foundation of RSC Energia was convened.

At the plenary session, the chairman of the conference organizing committee, General Designer of the Corporation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Solovyov reminded that conferences of scientists and specialists have been held at the enterprise since 1967, and during this time they have gained quite a wide popularity and become interindustrial. He himself, being a young specialist, delivered a report at the conference in 1978, and he also wished the conference participants “to learn the joy of new discoveries”. Igor Ozar, Director General of RSC Energia, spoke about the necessity and importance of implementing the scientific ideas expressed at the conference, and their implementation in space research. A report “Evolution of “fast” rendezvous capabilities: from the ISS to the Lunar station” was made by Rafail Murtazin, Deputy Head of Center - Head of Ballistics Department of RSC Energia, candidate of science (Engineering).

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Lev Zeleny, Executive Director for Manned Space Programs of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" Sergei Krikalev, Deputy Head of Yu.A. Gagarin CTC for cosmonaut training - commander of the cosmonaut corps, Oleg Kononenko addressed the conference participants in an online format. A video greeting from cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov was heard from the ISS.

More than 500 scientists and specialists from 67 enterprises of the rocket and space industry and higher educational institutions have applied for participation in the XXII Scientific and Technical Conference. They will present 299 reports, including 125 from RSC Energia. Among the participants: employees of the RSC Progress, M.V. Khrunichev SSSPC, S.A. Lavochkin NPO, RSF, TsNIIMash, NPP Kvant, KB Chemavtomatiki, corporation Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering, Institute of Physics of Strength and Material Science SB RAS, TsNIISM, representatives of higher educational institutions: N.E. Bauman MSTU, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Aviation Institute, Samara National Research University. Academician S.P. Korolev South Ural State University, etc. This year participants have no age constraints, such that the most experienced industry specialists and leading university scientists will be able to speak at the conference. Due to anti-covid restrictions, speakers from other organizations could not come to the Corporation, their reports will be organized online via videoconference.

Scientific research, design-and-engineering and methodological developments, experimental works, creation and implementation of advanced technological processes, materials, improvement of management methods and organization of developments were accepted for participation in the conference. During the conference 16 sections will work: “Manned complexes”; “Design, Strength and Material Science”; “Onboard control systems”; “Devices and Systems”; “Onboard and ground radio systems”; “Electromechanics”; “Space ballistics, aerogasdynamics, heat transfer, dynamics of transient processes and loading”; “Designing of Launch Vehicles”; “Designing of automatic space complexes and systems”; “Manufacturing and Technologies”; “Engines, propulsion and power systems”; “Thermal control and life support systems”; “Flight tests and operation of spacecraft and launch vehicles”; “Intended use of manned space complexes”; “Information Technologies”; “Economics and management of space activities, project and personnel management, international activities”.

In addition to the top, first, second and third prizes of the conference dedicated to several anniversaries at once, the Yu.A. Gagarin prize and RSC Energia 75th anniversary prize in the amount of 100 thousand rubles each were additionally offered. The conference results will be announced on Friday, November 12.

The program of the XXII Scientific and Technical Conference of Scientists and Specialists and the abstracts can be found at




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