ISS-66 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Tomas Pesquet

Flight engineers:
Petr Dubrov
Mark Vande Hei
Robert Shane Kimbrough
Megan McArthur
Akihiko Hoshide
Anton Shkaplerov



Preflight processing of spacecraft Soyuz MS-20 has begun in Baikonur

September 13, 2021

Preparation of the manned transportation spacecraft (MTS) Soyuz MS-20 for the final stage of testing at the processing facility has begun in the integration and test facility of Area 254 of the Baikonur launch site.

Last week, in accordance with the schedule, the spacecraft Soyuz MS-20 was activated. It arrived at the launch site early this month. Upon installation of the spacecraft at the workplace, specialists from S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia performed a visual inspection of the spacecraft and initial state monitoring of the onboard systems, mated the ground test equipment, connected the test setup and conducted check activations of the service hardware, as well as completed standalone tests and installation of the crew seats Kazbek.

In the nearest time the spacecraft is planned to be prepared for integrated electrical tests, testing of onboard avionics, and leak checks of the thermal control system loops.

The launch of Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle carrying manned spacecraft Soyuz-MS-20 is scheduled for December 2021. The flight to the International Space Station will last 12 days under the contract with the Space Adventures. The commander of the prime crew is Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, and Yusaku Maezawa, President of the Start Today Corporation, and Yozo Hirano, Maezawa Yusaku's personal assistant, were assigned as flight participants to the prime crew.