ISS-66 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Tomas Pesquet

Flight engineers:
Petr Dubrov
Mark Vande Hei
Robert Shane Kimbrough
Megan McArthur
Akihiko Hoshide
Anton Shkaplerov



Nauka is on the launch pad

July 17, 2021

Intensive processing activities continue at the Baikonur launch site in preparation for the launch of the launch vehicle Proton-M carrying the multi-purpose laboratory module Nauka. In accordance with the work flow, on July 17, 2021 the integrated launch vehicle was transported to and erected on the launch pad of Site No.200.

After rolling up the service tower and hooking up the required utilities, specialists from State Corporation Roscosmos affiliates will proceed with the scheduled activities of the first launch day. Scheduled for today are: protective operations with the system for telemetry monitoring system and Ground-based Measuring Equipment (GME), a check of the initial state of GME parameters, stand-alone checks of the launch vehicle, removal of protective elements form the hinges of the payload fairing and pneumatic pusher supports, as well as protective operations with the launch vehicle control system, etc.

The launch of the launch vehicle Proton-M is scheduled for July 21, 2021 at 17:58:21 Moscow Time. Nauka is the multi-purpose laboratory module of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station, It was developed by a network of contactors in order to implement a program of scientific experiments and expand the functionality of the ISS Russian Segment. The new Russian module is designed to augment engineering and operational capabilities of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.





October 28, 2021
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Progress MS-18 is launched
October 5, 2021
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Soyuz MS-19 is launched



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