ISS-65 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Akihiko Hoshide

Flight engineers:
leg Novitskiy
Petr Dubrov
Mark Vande Hei
Robert Shane Kimbrough
Megan McArthur
Tomas Pesquet



50 years of Soyuz-10 flight

April 23, 2021

On April 23, 1971, Soyuz-10 manned transportation spacecraft was launched from the Baikonur launch site carrying the crew of the first mission to the Salyut long-term orbital station (LOS) consisting of commander Vladimir Shatalov, flight engineer Alexei Eliseev and research engineer Nikolai Rukavishnikov.

As part of the flight design tests of the world's first Salyut LOS injected into low-earth orbit on April 19, 1971, it was expected to perform 2-3 manned missions up to 30 day long. Their objectives were to carry out comprehensive tests of the onboard systems of the new station, a program of scientific and applied research and biomedical experiments. Specialists from TsKBEM (today RSC Energia) developed an upgraded manned transportation spacecraft 7K-T Soyuz designed for crew delivery. It exhibited a new "probe-cone" docking and internal transfer system (SSVP), which did not require cosmonauts to egress into space.

The flight program of Soyuz-10 was supposed to ensure the arrival of the first expedition to the Salyut LOS being in an automatic mode, joint flight as part of the orbital complex, and return the cosmonauts to the Earth. In a free-flight phase the spacecraft crew nominally tested the rendezvous program using the Igla system and in the 18th orbit performed a manual berthing to the Salyut station. After contact the spacecraft active docking assembly was mechanically captured, but the following retraction phase was automatically stopped due to significant dynamic vibrations of Soyuz-10. Due to off-design loads on the docking probe actuator, the spacecraft docking assembly levers malfunctioned, which made it impossible for the crew to dock and transfer to LOS. Further attempts to undock were inhibited by the station, and only after 5 hours of the joint situation analysis with the ground control team the spacecraft was able to undock via a nominal undocking command.

On April 24, the Soyuz-10 crew embarked on the descent program, which was successfully completed with the first ever night landing in a specified area northwest of Karaganda. At the end of the Soyuz-10 mission, the Soyuz-11 docking system was upgraded for the crew of the next expedition which was successfully delivered to the Salyut station in June 1971.





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