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RSC Energia will hire the best graduates from Bauman Moscow State Technical University

July 16, 2020

The magnificent six graduates of Bauman MSTU department of Rocket and Space Technology, whose training there was sponsored by RSC Energia were congratulated on their graduation by the heads of the department and the company during a formal ceremony.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year, the traditional diploma award ceremony with participation of graduates parents, teachers and tutors could not be held. However, the management of the company could not ignore the event, in the person of graduates representatives congratulated all the 50 young engineers of the class of 2020.

Diplomas with honors and souvenirs with the corporate logo were given to Denis Krotov, Nikita Lyskov, Andrei Mishakin and Ksenia Osipova by the deputy general director of RSC Energia for personnel and social policies Alexei Alexandrovich Akimov. Particularly noted were the graduates who had won at scientific and technical conferences held under the aegis of State Corporation Roscosmos, Andrei Melkoev (who was not present at the ceremony) and Daniil Panov. Both young men have already been assigned to jobs at the Center for Flight Operation of Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles, and owing to their success in scientific research under the guidance of a tutor from the division they are given positions that are one step higher than those that are give to ordinary graduates. Every year RSC Energia recruits more than fifty percent of the graduates of the Rocket and Space Technology Department, which is a major source of manpower for the Corporation. Other graduates also find jobs at companies in the rocket and space industry: TsNIIMash, KBkhimmash, Space Systems Research Institute, etc.

The atmosphere at our Department differs from the traditional ways of the Bauman MSTU alma mater: their style of teaching is more academic, while our instruction is inseparable from practice, says vice dean of the Rocket and Space Technology Department M.N. Poklad. Starting from the fourth year our students two or three times a week come to work at the company in the jobs that they are planning to continue to perform after their graduation.

Such a practice of professional training of personnel at RSC Energia goes way back. The department of Rocket and Space Technology at Bauman MSTU was established at the initiative of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev in 1961. And while in junior years the fundamental disciplines, like theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, higher mathematics, physics, are taught by professors and assistant professors of the university proper, starting with the fourth year the majority of teachers at the department are specialists from the RSC Energia. Thus, the young people get the first-hand knowledge of their future profession.

Such long-term forms of training engineers have proven their efficiency long ago, noted A.A. Akimov. A company, which develops high-tech products, has to think about future in order to preserve and develop its engineering potential. Early immersion of students in the working environment makes it easier for them to adapt, and in fact saves time through getting familiar with the work team and job specifics. By implementing such training format, we get ready-made professional engineers, who can hit the ground running. Today RSC Energia has ambitious further plans for recruitment of young specialists.

Senior managers of the company wished the graduates professional success and perseverance to reach their goals, as well as to never stop learning, to cultivate systems approach to solving any problem. Speaking in response, the graduates expressed gratitude for the education they received. Bauman MSTU is recognized as one of the leading universities in Russia.

The magnificent six do not expect to have a recess: immediately upon graduation, the processing of their job applications will be set in motion, and they will take their jobs at RSC Energia in the near future.




October, 2020
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July 23, 2020
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