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Andrew Morgan
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55 years since the first step by man into the Universe

March 18, 2020


These were the words which went down in world history as the announcement of the first spacewalk, and the person who made the announcement was the commander of Voskhod-2 spacecraft Pavel Belyaev. Exactly 55 years ago, on March 18, 1965, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov performed his spacewalk. This milestone event marked the next step in the humankinds march towards the Universe. Heroism, dedication and professionalism of Alexei Leonov added his name forever to the the history of spaceflight.

The launch vehicle Voskhod carrying the crew of Voskhod-2 spacecraft was launched on March 18, 1965 at 10:00 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Alexei Leonov left the spacecraft 1 hour 35 minutes after the lift-off (at the beginning of the 2nd orbit). He stayed for 23 minutes 41 seconds in the vacuum of space, and 12 minutes 9 seconds outside the airlock. Alexei Leonov had some difficulties in returning into the spacecraft, because his spacesuit had ballooned and would not fit into Voskhod airlock. Only the bleeding down of the pressure in the spacesuit and heroic efforts by Alexei Leonov permitted to complete the mission safely.

To carry out the spacewalk, the Berkut spacesuit was developed, which had a multi-layer pressurized shell that maintained inner pressure needed to provide life support for cosmonaut. On the outside the spacesuit had a special white coating to protect against thermal effects of sun rays and against possible mechanical damage to the pressure shell of the suit. Both crewmembers were wearing spacesuits, so that the spacecraft commander could, if need be, lend a helping hand to the cosmonaut performing the spacewalk.

The first spacewalk performed by Alexei Leonov became a milestone in world spaceflight. Thanks in large part to the experience gained in this mission, today spacewalks are a standard part of expeditions to the International Space Station. These days, spacewalks involve scientific research, repairs, installation of new equipment on the outer surface of the station, launches of small satellites and a number of other operations.





April 9, 2020
The launch of LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Soyuz MS-15 is planned
December 6, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Progress MS-13 is launched



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