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Andrew Morgan
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Winners and laureates are named

January 20, 2019

On Saturday, January 18, an awards ceremony was held at RSC Energia for winners of the annual XXI City Competition for Young Scientists and Specialists named after Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. For the twentieth year running, awards to young people who are engaged in scientific and practical innovative projects in the space and rocket industry, were presented at the Corporation museum.

The competition winners and laureates were welcomed by General Director General Designer of RSC N.N. Sevastianov. He congratulated everyone on the appreciation of scientific papers submitted to the competition. Recalling the glorious history of RSC Energia, Nikolai Nikolaevich spoke about the tasks that the enterprise team is solving today. He emphasized that young scientists and specialists, for whom a creative approach is important in solving their tasks, will always find their place in work on the advanced projects of the Corporation named after Chief Designer Korolev. On behalf of Head of Korolev urban district A.N. Khodyrev, Chairman of the Council of Deputies of the urban district D.G. Denisov congratulated winners.

The competition was attended by 44 young scientists and specialists from enterprises of the rocket and space industry and the Technological University, 27 works were considered. The victory was won by representative of Corporation Tactical Missile Weapons E.S. Sokolov. The second place was taken by RSC Energia engineer N.A. Chudinov. Employee of Corporation Tactical Missile Weapons S.S. Vertsukh took third place.

Among 14 winners of the Competition named after academician S.P. Korolev there are eight employees of RSC Energia: F.A. Voronin, M.A. Kharchikov, O.V. Pryalukhin, A.M Grinenkov, D.A. Rachkin, N.V. Bogomolov, A.S. Soboleva, G.G. Larin.

Winners and laureates were awarded diplomas, certificates for cash bonus, certificates of honour and souvenirs. On behalf of the awarded E.S. Sokolov thanked for high appreciation of their work. A tour was conducted for guests at the Museum of the Corporation.





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