ISS-62 mission

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ISS crew:

Commander -
Oleg Skripochka
Flight engineers:
Andrew Morgan
Jessica Meir



60th anniversary of the R-7 missile entering operational service

January 20, 2019

60 years ago, on January 20, 1960, by the decree of the USSR Government, the worlds first Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) R-7 entered operational service in the Strategic Missile Forces. The super long range missile system, developed by the team of OKB-1 (now known as RSC Energia) headed by the Chief Designer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, not only became the basis for the nuclear-missile shield of the country, but also ushered in the space age for the whole of mankind.

The R-7 ICBM development program had been under way since 1953. It utilized the latest scientific and technological achievements in rocet engineering, automatic control systems and navigation, telemetry and data transmission. Within the framework of the project, a pilot production of flight models was set up at Factory 88 (at present known as the Experimental Machine-building plant (ZEM) of RSC Energia), and Research Test Range No.5 of the USSR Ministry of Defense (now known as Baikonur cosmodrome) was constructed in the steppe of Kazakhstan.

As a result, the first phase of flight development tests started in the spring of 1957. August saw the first successful launch of an R-7 which carried a dummy warhead the full distance range towards Kamchatka, while on October 4 of the same year the Soviet Union, using the Sputnik launch vehicle based on the R-7 design, launched the first artificial Earth satellite.





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