ISS-65 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Akihiko Hoshide

Flight engineers:
Оleg Novitskiy
Petr Dubrov
Mark Vande Hei
Robert Shane Kimbrough
Megan McArthur
Tomas Pesquet


Планета Королёва


RSC Energia gets award For Significant Contribution to Preservation of Space Flight History

December 3, 2019

RSC Energia (a part of State Corporation Roscosmos), the developer and manufacturer of Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft, the crew of which survived an off-nominal separation of a strap-on booster stage from the launch vehicle, received the award For Significant Contribution to Preservation of Space Flight History.

The honorary award was handed out to RSC Energia representative, acting deputy general director of the Corporation Igor Konstandi on December 2, 2019 by general director of State Corporation Roscosmos Dmitri Rogozin during ceremony for unveiling a commemorative installation dedicated to successful recovery from the off-nominal situation.

The key element of the installation is the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft built at RSC Energia, which successfully brought back to Earth a Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and a NASA astronaut Nick Hague in October 2018.

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July 21, 2021
LV Proton-M with MLM Nauka is launched
June 30, 2021
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Progress MS-17 is launched



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