ISS-63 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Christopher Cassidy
Flight engineers:
Anatoly Ivanishin
Ivan Wagner
Robert Behnken
Douglas Hurley



30 years of the launch of Kvant-2 Module

November 26, 2019

On November 26, 1989, lifted off from the Baikonur Launch Site was Proton-K heavy launch vehicle, which placed Kvant-2 module into orbit. On December 6, the 19.5-ton space vehicle docked automatically to the core module and became the third module in assembly of the legend Mir On-orbit Complex. Further, Kvant-2 module was relocated by the fifth Expedition crew consisting of A.S. Viktorenko and A.A. Serebrov to the nominal lateral docking port of the transfer compartment using a remote manipulator.

Kvant-2 logistics module having company designation 77 (or per the MCC terminology module Dmitriy) was developed, with NPO Energia playing the key role, based on the functional cargo compartment of the logistics transfer vehicle. Technical capabilities of the new module made it possible not only to expand the program of scientific and applied research and experiments, but also significantly increased the crew living comfort due to implementation of additional equipment of the onboard life support system.





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