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Roscosmos. Science and Engineering Board reviewed results of preliminary design of the super-heavy space rocket system

November 22, 2019

A joint session of the Presidium of the Science and Engineering Board of State Corporation Roscosmos and the Space Bureau of the Russian Academy of Sciences was held in Moscow. The subject of discussions were the results of preliminary design work on a super-heavy space rocket system intended for programs to study and explore bodies in the Solar System, the near-Earth space, the Moon, and to carry out launches of spacecraft.

The Presidium of the Board consisted of General Director of State Corporation Roscosmos Dmitri Rogozin, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev, and chairman of the Scientific and Engineering Board Yuri Koptev.

The initial report of the session was delivered by general director general designer of RSC Energia Nikolai Sevastianov, in which he presented key aspects and parameters assumed for the development of a super-heavy space rocket system.

General director of Progress Rocket Space Center Dmitri Baranov dwelled on the engineering and technological support during development and manufacture of the super-heavy launch vehicle, providing explanations and rationale for the chosen design and solutions.

In addition to the discussion, reports were also presented by deputy general director of TsENKI Nikolai Trifonov (aspects of ground infrastructure development for the super-heavy space rocket system), a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoli Petrukovich (presentation of a scientific program for the super-heavy space rocket system), general director of the Keldysh Center Vladimir Koshlakov, first deputy general director of NPO Technomash Anatoli Kuzin (matters of the technological readiness of the industry for the development of the super-heavy space rocket system) and adviser to the general director of organization Agat Sergei Borisov (matters of technical and economic feasibility of the super-heavy space rocket system project).

In closing, an appraisal of the project was given by the general designer of space rocket systems of the State Corporation Roscosmos Alexander Medvedev.


Photo: Roscosmos




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