RSC Energia rescuers take part in training sessions for cosmonauts recovery at sea

October 25, 2019

The training of Roscosmos cosmonauts and astronauts at sea take place in Sochi based on the Imeretinsky general-purpose sea terminal. The training is participated by RSC Energia specialists.

Yu.A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center holds training sessions at sea for the first time over a period of 12 years. Prior to that, the training was held at the base of the Ministry for Emergency Situations near Noginsk, however, the working conditions of cosmonauts at sea are close to real ones.

The purpose of training at sea is to teach cosmonauts to take correct actions for survival in the event of water landing.

For training at sea the Okean-5 training simulator manufactured at RSC Energia is used. The simulator is made as close as possible to a real descent module (DM). It is absolutely pressure-tight, reliable and can stay on water as much as desired. The inflatable belt which the simulator is attached to during the sea tests serves only for convenience of its towing. The Okean-5 simulator was equipped with a TV complex to monitor the progress of task performance and the crew health.

The simulator was delivered to the training site on October 8. RSC Energia specialists immediately started carrying out technical support and maintenance. They performed a leak test, charged and installed power supplies, and placed the personal emergency kit in DM. During training the Corporation employees develop skills for rescuing the DM crew according to the flight documentation, and are engaged in routine maintenance.

Among the cosmonaut candidates recruited in 2018 participating in the training are those who have gained experience at RSC Energia. These are engineers Evgenii Prokopiev and Alexander Gorbunov.





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