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The Energia teams are in the final of CanSat-2019

February 7, 2019

Four RSC Energia teams (ZiKYUSH, M V Kub, Unika and Gravitsapa) reached the final of the 8-th All-Russian Championship Air Engineering School CanSat in Russia.

The main goal of the CanSat project is to develop technical thinking of schoolchildren and students, involve them in work on the development of flight vehicles (atmospheric probes, rockets, unmanned vehicles, etc.). The majority of the project participants, as practice shows, will enter technical colleges and come to work in the rocket and space industry.

The first CanSat Championship in Russia was held in 2012 in Kaluga. The project was based on NASA well-known program. First, within the framework of these competitions, schoolchildren designed satellites which according to the specified conditions should be placed in a 0.5 l can. Hence the competition name: from English can is a can and sat (abbreviated from satellite) is a satellite. Such a vehicle weighing up to 350 grams (onboard computer, receiver-transmitter, scientific load and power supply system), delivered to a height of 1-2 km when descending was to implement its unique scientific program.

During the eight years of the development of project Air Engineering School the number of leagues has increased, the teams are making more and more technically complex vehicles, mastering new missions. Now competitions are held in five leagues. The RSC Energia teams participate in the project for the fourth time and they always won top places. In 2018-2019 academic year the RSC Energia teams compete in the Student and Higher Leagues. Each team has participants of the following specialization: programmer, circuit designer, designer. Each team has a curator a young specialist of the Corporation who coordinates work, shares his experience, provides information and methodical support in all phases of work on the product.

In the winter session of the Air Engineering School 100 teams, namely 350 young designers and technicians from all the country took part. And only half of them reached the final after presentation and defence of projects. In summer the finalists and their supervisors will have to launch satellites, receive and analyze onboard telemetry, prepare a reporting presentation based on the results of the flight.

For RSC Energia the CanSat graduates are future employees. Most of them will go to universities for a special-purpose enrolment and plan to work at the enterprise in the future. What these guys can and know is already significantly more than the school curriculum, so that in the future they will be a godsend for any subject subdivision of the enterprise, - Yulia Zubkova, chief specialist for the Corporation personnel training and coordinator of the CanSat Energia project said.

The guys in the team are very clever, everyone has a great desire to be an engineer. Every year we try to complicate the project and all the time children learn something new. Then after entering the university they know more than ordinary guys of the same age, - leading engineer for the design of small automatic space vehicles, curator of the Unika team Vyacheslav Ketov said.




September 25, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Soyuz MS-15 is planned
August 22, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with SC Soyuz MS-14 is launched



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