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Participants of Vocational Guidance Forum PROJECT are waited for at Energia

December 19, 2018

More than 500 schoolboys and schoolgirls including nine schoolchildren participating in career guidance projects of RSC Energia took part in All-Russia Vocational Guidance Forum which was held in Yaroslavl on December 11-14.

As the head organization for manned space systems of State Corporation Roscosmos RSC Energia presented its educational program. The schoolchildren listened to lecture History and perspective directions of space exploration with great interest. The lecture was given by well-known at the Energia Corporation popularizer of space activity, Head of the Business Development Department for manned programs in low near-earth orbit and satellite systems Igor Nikolaevich Verkhovsky.

Deputy Head of Scientific and Technical Center for advanced space complexes and systems Head of the Corporation Flight-Test Department Mark Vyacheslavovich Serov and leading test engineer Yuri Sergeevich Limansky took part in organization and fulfillment of one of the case tasks for schoolchildren on the following subject: Development of the concept of controls and Lunokhod information display means. For greater clarity and the task specification the Corporation specialists brought with them a mockup of the lunar rover.

Schoolchildren solved tasks with which specialists of RSC Energia try to cope today Yu.S. Limansky said. For three days the guys created 3D-models of the advanced controls and information display means based on existing technologies. Well consider interesting solutions that were presented by the guys when defending their projects and wait for the authors of these projects to come to the Corporation to work.

Each schoolboy working in the selected laboratory could immerse in the future profession, show his abilities in real work, present his ideas. For four days the guys were able to talk with rectors of leading Russian institutions of higher technical education, managers of leading companies of our country and took part in Unforgettable Open Lesson Breakthrough Directions with President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

As a result of the forum, 200 its winners were awarded by Russian companies partners of the forum, 12 schoolchildren received certificates for a special-purpose training in Universities. But the most important is a fact that the best schoolchildren have already selected their professional path and in space industry as well.




December 3, 2018
LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-11 is launched
November 16, 2018
LV Soyuz-FG with SC Progress MS-10 is launched



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