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Ovchinin Alexey
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Nick Hague
Christina Koch


Планета Королёва


ROSCOSMOS. The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements was headed by Fedor Yurchikhin

November 9, 2018

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center which is located in Cosmos Pavilion No. 34 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements and actively develops education and enlightenment activities was headed by Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Fedor Yurchkhin. As the Center President he will continue to popularize national cosmonautics.

Fedor Yurchikhin: “In my childhood every boy wanted to be a cosmonaut. Today an interest of young people in space exploration and training for our profession has noticeably decreased. It is a great honor to me to hold a post of President of the country largest space museum. I am sure that thanks to the unique, constantly growing exposition of the Center, a variety of educational programs and cognitive measures we’ll make space more accessible and closer for everyone”.

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center cooperation with Fedor Yurchikhin began since the Center opening in April 2018. Fedor Nikolaevich who performed five flights into space of the total duration of almost two years, had already given open lessons in the renewed Cosmos pavilion to schoolchildren and students of specialities they were trained for, held meetings with representatives of space industry where he shared his experiences and profession to a nicety. In addition, under his leadership at the Center the Space Mail project is being implemented; within the scope of this project anyone who wishes can send a letter to existing and distinguished cosmonauts through a special letter-box located at the Center.

Fedor Yurchikhin is the 98th cosmonaut of Russian and the 423rd cosmonaut of the world. At a period of 2002 to 2017 he performed five space flights, three of which – as the vehicle commander and the expedition commander. The total flight duration was 672 days, 20 hours and 39 minutes. The pilot-cosmonaut has performed nine extravehicular activities of the total duration of 59 hours 27 minutes. He is an author of personal photographic exhibitions where the Earth images taken from orbit are presented. Honorary Member of the Russian K.E. Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics and the Russian Academy of Arts.

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center opened on April 12, 2018 in the Cosmos renewed pavilion No. 34 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In the process of restoration which began in January 2017, the original historical appearance of 1954 was returned to the pavilion. In the pavilion over the area of more than 15 thousand square meters there are more than 120 unique models of the flight and space equipment that have never been exhibited earlier. More than 50 objects were made specially for the Center. Among the unique exhibits are a full-size mockup of the Mir Station, a mockup of the first artificial earth satellite and even a sample of lunar soil.




July 20, 2019
The launch of LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-13 is planned
April 4, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-11 is launched



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