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The results of the International Space Olympiad

October 29, 2018

The XXVI-th International Space Olympiad for schoolchildren is over. It was summed up on Friday in the science city of Korolev.

This year the Olympiad was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Russian module Zarya the first module of the ISS and the 80th anniversary of the science city of Korolev. 115 schoolchildren from Russia and Belarus took part in ISO.

The solemn ceremony of closing and awarding winners of the XXVIth International Space Olympiad for schoolchildren was attended by Deputy Heads of the Korolev city district Svetlana Vikulova and Victoria Koroleva, Deputy Minister of Education of the Moscow region Irina Kaklyugina, State Duma deputy Elena Serova, deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Alla Polyakova, Head of Human Resources Department of RSC Energia Yulia Ivanova, Rector of Technological University Tatyana Startseva and other guests of honour.

Pupils from Korolev once again demonstrated that they were not in vain considered to be the favourites of the International Space Olympiad and occupied the entire podium. The Olympiad winners were Anton Fedorov from the Korolev Gymnasium No. 5 (a winner of the creative tour and Olympiads in mathematics and physics) and Boris Soloviev also the Korolev representative from the lyceum of a scientific engineering type (a winner of the Creative Tour and the Olympiad in literature, a prize-winner of Olympiads in physics and mathematics).

I participate in the Olympiad already for the fourth time for the first time even when I was in the 7-th class. Then my project was also first. I really liked how everything was organized, I liked prizes, and especially the fact that Energia helps winners to be assigned to a special-purpose enrolment. After school I want to enter one of Moscow technical institutes, and this will be very useful for me. And, of course, Energia, where my mother works, I consider as a place of my possible work in the future, Boris Soloviev told his impressions.

Maxim Divilkovsky took second place and Damir Achoh was third. They also represent the lyceum of a scientific engineering type.

The Olympiad competitive program consisted of several phases: protection of creative projects in various fields of cosmonautics, Olympiads in mathematics, physics, computer science and literature, as well as the team work on the case-projects that require tackling practical problems related to space subjects. The case subjects were prepared by Energia specialists.

The cultural program of the XXVIth International Space Olympiad for schoolchildren was no less concentrated. They visited the Mission Control Center, Aviation and Cosmonautics pavilion at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, the Technology Development and Personnel Training Center of ZAO ZEM where a practical-scientific conference was held, as well as visited the RSC Energia museum, during the direct communication session they could deal with the ISS, met with cosmonauts employees of Energia Alexander Kaleri, Yuri Usachev, Alexander Alexandrov.

RSC Energia was one of the main organizers of the Olympiad this is one of the main carrier-guidance projects of the enterprise. In the Year of Volunteer students of Bauman MSTU and Tomsk Polytechnical University who passed practical training at Energia and also young specialists of the Corporation offered free assistance to teams of schoolchildren in a new for the International Space Olympiad nomination for the preparation of practical projects on space subjects.

23 participants of the Olympiad will be assigned to leading technical institutes of the country. We hope that there they will fully reveal their talent and afterwards come to work at our enterprise, - Head of Human Resources Department of RSC Energia Yulia Ivanova said.

The International Space Olympiad is held annually since 1992 in the last decade of October. During this time more than 3,500 schoolchildren from Russia, Great Britain, Australia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel, Sweden, China and USA participated in it. Its main task is to develop interest of senior pupils in specialities of space subjects and identify the most gifted pupils for further support of their talent.




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