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Oleg Kononenko
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David Saint-Jaques
Ann McClain
Ovchinin Alexey
Nick Hague
Christina Koch



Energia specialists took part in the project United by Space

September 28, 2018

The childrens camp Zvezdny of the All-Russia Children Center Orlyonok has completed an Aerospace Engineering Design session United by Space. The organizers of the educational project were State Corporation Roscosmos, RSC Energia, Federal network of childrens technoparks Quantorium.

Competitive selection for participation in the Aerospace session was passed by a hundred participants pupils from technoparks Quantorium and cosmonautics workshops from various regions of Russia. The schoolchildren prepared their projects under the guidance of specialists from Roscosmos companies and members of the staff of the countrys leading universities.

According to the program the kids were supposed to develop prototype advanced space hardware and present their designs for review to a Commission consisting of the teachers and managers of the federal network of Quantoriums.

All participants in the session at the A-RCC Orlyonok were divided into 10 design teams laboratories: Virtual Reality; Rocket Technologies; Cyborgs in Space; Power Generating Systems in Space; Advanced Methods of Transportation on Planets; Robotic Spacecraft; On-planet Bases; Experiment Onboard Space Station; "Astronomical Research Beyond Earth; Design of Cosmonauts Activities. For three weeks each team studied the proposed subject area and put forward interesting advanced solutions.

Based on the results of the final design review the first place went to the laboratory On-planet Bases, and the second to the Experiment Onboard Space Station. The Audience Award went to the Virtual Reality.

Recapping the results of the engineering forum, the manager of the Aerospace Session, engineer-tester of the flight test department of the Corporation Iliya Ovchinnikov said that during the three weeks they spent at the Children Center, the schoolchildren gained a serious hands-on experience of working at workshops where they learned 3D modeling, programming, electric engineering, the fundamentals of onboard systems construction.

- It is expected that the projects presented in the course of the Aerospace Session will be pursued further after the United by Space" session ends with a view to eventually enroll the pupils into the colleges specializing in disciplines related to the rocket and space industry, - pointed out Iliya Ovchinnikov.





July 20, 2019
The launch of LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-13 is planned
April 4, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-11 is launched



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