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Energia rescuers took part in cosmonauts training

July 19, 2018

One more training session of the crew of a future orbital mission consisting of a Roscosmos cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko and NASA astronaut Jessica Mier has been held using the facilities of the Noginsk Rescue Center of the Russian Emergency Ministry. It was conducted by the testing and training team of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) with participation of specialists from the search and rescue support department of RSC Energia.

Practicing the actions in contingencies after landing on water is done in three stages: first a “dry” session, and then a “long” and a “short” training sessions on the water. In case of a possible splashdown, the cosmonauts must be capable of surviving both in an intact descent vehicle (DV) by changing into thermal protective suits and wet suits, and in a situation where the DV has sprung a leak and needs to be abandoned as soon as possible. In the last case the crew members do not change suits, but rather the trice life preservers and take with them on the water portable survival kits. In the water the cosmonauts must get together into a star formation to stay afloat, take food and use signaling lamps and radios to call search and rescue services.

Used for training sessions on the water is the Okean-5 training mock-up built at RSC Energia. The head of the search and rescue support department Sergei Malikhov spoke about participation in the cosmonaut training activities.

“Our task was to provide maintenance of the Okean-5 training mockup and assure its reliable operation in the course of the training session. We bring the training mockup from Energia, unload it, check it, install the storage battery assembly. After that, our specialists brief GCTC representatives on the hardware, and they, in their turn, conduct training sessions using their own procedures. We are present at all the training sessions, so that in case of any technical glitch it could be quickly resolved, and cosmonauts could smoothly proceed with their program.

Pilot cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Valeri Korzun once said that our Okean-5 represented the “real thing” with the maximum possible fidelity. It is absolutely pressure-tight, reliable and can stay afloat for as long as necessary. The inflatable belt to which the mockup is attached during tests on the water is only there to simplify its towage. There is also an unpressurized version called Meridian, which was also built at the Corporation for ground tests at GCTC.

There are cameras installed inside the mockup, which use Wi-Fi to send the picture of what is going on inside the capsule to a computer. In the future we are planning to additionally equip Okean-5 with sensors, which, in the course of training will be picking up information about the crew status: physicians will be able to see the pulse rate of the cosmonauts when they perform the task, monitor their pressure, etc.

We participate in the training of not only cosmonauts, but also the rescuers of Rosaviation for all regions of Russia. Apart from Okean-5, we at Energia have also built the mockup Odyssey for the Pacific fleet – told us Sergei Malikhov.



July 20, 2019
The launch of LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-13 is planned
April 4, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-11 is launched



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