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RSC Energia select team won prizes at the WorldSkills championship

June 6, 2018

The 3rd Corporate Championship Young Professionals of Roscosmos-2018 conducted per WorldSkills standards has finished at Yekaterinburg. Representatives of RSC Energia are among the best in two skills areas: Dmitri Androsov placed third in prototyping, while Vadim Prikhodko became the first in the skills area CAD Engineering Graphics.

Altogether, there were participants from 26 teams representing companies in the rocket and space industry of Russia competing in six skills areas of the championship: Milling using numerically controlled machine tools, Turning using numerically controlled machine tools, Welding, Electronics CAD engineering graphics and Prototyping. Taking part in the corporate tournament which ran for five days, were 146 participants and as many experts. The organizers of the competition were: State Corporation for space activities Roscosmos, NPO of Automatics named after academician N.A.Semikhatov and technopark Universitetsky, where the championship was held.

This year the tasks were developed by chief experts to closely approximate the core activities of the companies in the industry, and their level of complexity was significantly higher. The changes were driven by development of skills areas of the WorldSkills HiTech championship. Thus, the Prototyping skills area the young professionals assembled a prototype Mars rover, while participants in the skills area CAD Engineering Graphics designed a 3-D model of a part used to separate rocket stages in flight.

Vitaly Kovinko, head of skills evaluation and development department, pointed out that the level of training of all the participants in the competition had become significantly higher.

- With every passing year the companies in the industry take participation in the championship Young Professionals of Roscosmos ever more seriously. On the one hand, the competition has become very tough, on the other hand, this is the best incentive for our specialists to grow and improve their skills, in order to, among other things, show good results at WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2018, - said Vitaly Kovinko.

- On the whole, the championship was organized to high standards. Meals, lodging and transfer everything was just perfect. I had some issues with the venue for the competition technopark employees were getting in the way of us, the tutors. The software was letting us down computers of many of our participants, during printer operation in broad daylight or at night, rebooted to update the operating system, which was upsetting the nightly print-outs. The task was comparable in complexity with the one from the last year's competition, but with greater emphasis on handiwork they now included milling with numerically controlled machine tools. A participant was supposed to write code, and prepare a material blank and make silicone casting moulds for moulding of plastics. Frankly speaking, I had an urge to compete myself, but now Im an expert! shared his impressions engineer Alexander Demusenko, a winner of the 2016 Roscosmos championship.

In the team event, the third place was shared by teams from NPO of Automatics Named After Academician N.A. Semikhatov and AO Votkinsky Zavod. The second place went to RSC Progress. The Roscosmos championship cup went ot the team from JSC Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev.

- Thanks to the championship per WorldSkills standards the space industry gets highly qualified specialists, - pointed out pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Mikhail Kornienko, when he was congratulating the winners of the competition.

Within the framework of the corporate championship, there was a business program. In roundtable sessions, educationalists and personnel managers discussed the best practices and prospects for introduction of the dual model of personnel training at the companies, as well as the question of introducing professional standards in the industry. Representatives of State Corporation Roscosmos presented career-guidance projects and discussed methods of their advancement in regional centers. Also held during the corporate championship was a session of the board of the All-Russia Industry Employers Association Union of Employers of the Rocket and Space Industry of Russia.





July 20, 2019
The launch of LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-13 is planned
April 4, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-11 is launched



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