RSC Energia: cooperation with Sirius is developing

April 16, 2018

The Energia delegation visited Educational Center for Gifted Children Sirius (Sochi). The Corporation General Director Vladimir Solntsev within the framework of the Space Lectures project told pupils about the nearest prospects of space exploration.

- Work with young people is one of the priorities of the Corporation. It is very important for us that children were carried away by space from school-days. We support various educational programs aimed at drawing young people into rocket-space industry: we create aerospace classes, give interactive space lessons and subject shifts in childrens camps. Our task is to motivate children and help them to display their talents, - Vladimir Solntsev said.

The Energia experts practically on a constant basis work based on the Center within the framework of the Space lectures project. Leading specialists of the enterprise have already told schoolchildren about the Universe, space biology and medicine, about training for the crews extravehicular activity. During the March lecture cycle, Pavel Strizhenko, head of the sector of design and development of liquid-oxygen jet engines of the Corporation shared his knowledge of the most high-tech branches of Russian industry rocket engine manufacturing. And during the current visit to Sochi Head of Energia told schoolchildren from Sirius about prospects of space exploration. In addition, Vladimir Solntsev read the Center pupils who pass training in such trends as Science, Art and Literary Creative Work the text of the Total dictation.

Total dictation is a very useful action, and it does not matter whether our children grow up physicists or lyricists. A competent specialist must correctly and competently express his ideas and we have such persons to learn from. First of all, there are our classics with their irreproachable Russian language: Tolstoy, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, - Vladimir Solntsev said.

The Sirius Center was founded with assistance of Educational Foundation Talent and Success with which the Corporation last March concluded an agreement on long-term cooperation. The agreement provides for close cooperation aimed at supporting gifted children and young people, popularizing engineering, research work as well as design among the pupils. Among the priority areas of the joint work there are organization of practical work and studies (sending for a special course), programs to improve the skills of teachers, creation of the unified design and educational environment for rocket-space technologies, etc. In August 2017 Energia submitted for the exhibition in the Sirius Park of Science and Art a full-size mockup of the Buran reusable orbiter which was used within the stand for integrated tests.




October 11, 2018
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July 10, 2018
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